How to spend your evening in Reykjavik during winter

Evening in reykjavik

How to spend your evening in Reykjavik during winter

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The long, glorious Icelandic summer nights have come to an end and the darker days have already presented themselves here in Reykjavik! But that’s fine, because we LOVE wintertime!!  Iceland is filled with exciting activities all day long, ranging from river rafting to glacier hiking, from horse riding to puffin watching and from joining a delicious Food Walk to snorkeling our beautiful diving sites. But when the evening time rolls in and your assigned day activity is over, how should one spend his/her later hours? What activities are there for those who are eager to do something more? Here is a list of my absolute favorite things to do with my evenings in Reykjavik and hopefully, it will inspire your Reykjavik nights too!!

The Icelandic Sagas in Harpa Concert Hall

The funniest way to educate yourself with some Icelandic comedy based on our famous sagas about the first settlers of Iceland . This 75 minutes lol-er coaster will take you through all the greatest historic greatest hits in a way you will never forget and is a total must do while staying in Reykjavik!

people in viking costumes

The Staff of Wake Up Reykjavik trying out some Viking costumes!

Northern Lights Tour

If you are in Iceland from mid-September to mid-April then you definitely need to make a mission for the Northern Lights. If you’re staying out in the country, then your fine. But if you are staying right in Reykjavik, you might have to drive a little out of the city lights to see them. I suggest you to make a huge deal out of your northern lights trip and bring blankets, hot cocoa and snacks with you so you can enjoy the northern lights to the fullest!


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Concerts, art and stand-ups shows

Reykjavik is a cultural hub of things to do and see. The city might be small but oh boy, it’s the last city to get bored in!  The city is filled with unique museums, exhibitions, nightly concerts and funny stand-ups and all you have to do is to go for a walk and see what you can find. To save yourself some time of wandering, you could also grab a copy of the latest Grapevine magazine (It’s literally laying around everywhere), download their app or check out their website to see what going on while you are here!


Join our Reykjavik Bar Crawl or Beer Tour!

In the 3-4 hour Reykjavik Bar Crawl you will crawl from one bar to another with a friendly local nightlife guide by your side and experience the absolute best of what Reykjavik’s nightlife has to offer through unique cocktails, premium Icelandic beer, the infamous Black death and so much more! Whether you are travelling by yourself, with friends, colleagues or a bachelor group – The Reykjavik Bar Crawl is the perfect way to explore the awesome nightlife scene in Reykjavik!

You can check availability and secure your spots right here on the right!

Join our Reykjavik Beer tour

For 2-3 hours we will take you around down town Reykjavik and explore four of our absolute favorite local bars. Included is a visit to the only micro brewery in Reykjavik, a hip gastro pub, the best micro bar in town and the one venue that has the largest Icelandic beer selection of them all! What more do you need? This is the perfect activity for everyone who would like to learn more about the delicious crafts of Iceland!

friends drinking beer


Go for an “Ice-Cream mission” like the locals do

It doesn’t get more local than this. We have many ice cream parlors all over town and what we like to do in the evenings is buy a ice cream then drive somewhere to look at the northern lights (if they are showing), look at the ocean from Grótta or drive up and down Laugarvegur shopping street until the Icecream is finished. This activity, to drive around with an Ice cream is called “Ís-Rúntur” or “Ice cream driving” and is a legit term in Iceland.

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Go for a movie in Bio Paradís

We have a very special movie theater on Hverfisgata called Bió (Cinema) Paradís (Paradise). Cinema Paradise. But this is not just a regular cinema because this cinema is famous for showing only unique art movies, documentaries, short movies and older films-  Films that are not easily found in the bigger theaters. Check out their website to see what is on tonight!


Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace tower

Did you know that Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace light tower is located on a small island just out of Reykjavik! Yep! As Iceland is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, she thought it would be a good idea to build a great light tower out on the island of Viðey. Take a boat out to Viðey around dinner time and witness when they light it up. It’s a very nice, unique experience with a beautiful view of the city.


Laugavegur Shopping street

The main street in Reykjavik where it all happens. Along this walking street you can find most of the cities best coffee houses, shops, night clubs, pubs  and restaurants. Spend an evening walking around finding something interesting to check out. They often have random art shows located right on the street which is worth checking out and also, check out the cool graffiti on the houses of Reykjavik! You could easily spend a whole evening just roaming around the city, soaking the beauty in and especially around winter time when the christmas lights are up!

clothes in a store


We love living in Reyjavik city as we very rarely get bored here. We love how little it takes to find something interesting to check out every evening and we hope you will agree! If you have found something super interesting to check out and would like to share it with us, please don’t hesitate to pop us a message about it!

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