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We at Wake Up Reykjavik are a tiny group of happy locals and we are super passionate about showing travellers from all round the world the absolute best of what our beautiful hometown has to offer! In our tours we explore Reykjavik through authentic experiences involving incredible Icelandic food, beer and cocktails – and all the best local venues in town.


Planning a trip to Iceland can be confusing – As there are A LOT of things to see and do. Our main goal with this blog is to simplify the process for you – letting you in on all our awesome local tips, recommendations and secrets about Iceland. Basically everything you’ll need to know to ensure that you will make the absolute most of your Iceland trip and hopefully love our country as much as we do!


Best places for a hangover burger in Reykjavik

Text by: Apríl Harpa Smáradóttir Where is the best burger joint in Reykjavik? Where should I go for the perfect hangover meal?   You're waking up after a wild night with us on...


5 Must try Icelandic foods that no one told you about!

Text By: Apríl Harpa Smáradóttir It is absolutely incredible how many delicious things Icelanders have thought of, seriously. On our awesome Reykjavik Food Walk, we explore all the main local cuisines that are...


Whale Watching in Iceland

Text by April Harpa Smáradóttir Where Can I do Whale Watching? When is the best time for Whale Watching? Is Whaling legal in Iceland?   Whale Watching is a popular, cheap and fun...


The Old Harbor in Reykjavik

Text by: April Harpa Smáradóttir I, like probably everybody else, have been growing very fond of our old harbour for the past few years. It's hard to resist to wander around...


Good Places for Breakfast in Reykjavik

Text by: Apríl Harpa Smáradóttir Where is the best places to get breakfast in Reykjavik? Don't know about you guys, but I need my breakfast to function. For those who are looking...


Icelandic Food|The Fermented shark

[caption id="attachment_24084" align="alignleft" width="150"] Text by: April Smaradottir[/caption] What is a fermented shark? Where can I try it and is it as bad as they say? Six days of the week, we get...


Must Try Icelandic Beers & Spirits

Text By: Apríl Harpa Smáradóttir You're in Iceland. You've taken our Amazing Food Walk and experienced the best of the Reykjavik cuisine with us. Unsurprisingly enough, our alcohol scene is also something...


How to| Party Cheap in Iceland

Text by: April Harpa Smáradóttir We have the second highest alcohol tax in Europe (Approx. 90%.). This is the reason why we Icelanders party late, to save a buck. Instead of...