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We at Wake Up Reykjavik are a tiny group of happy locals and we are super passionate about showing travellers from all round the world the absolute best of what our beautiful hometown has to offer! In our tours we explore Reykjavik through authentic experiences involving incredible Icelandic food, beer and cocktails – and all the best local venues in town.


Planning a trip to Iceland can be confusing – As there are A LOT of things to see and do. Our main goal with this blog is to simplify the process for you – letting you in on all our awesome local tips, recommendations and secrets about Iceland. Basically everything you’ll need to know to ensure that you will make the absolute most of your Iceland trip and hopefully love our country as much as we do!

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Iceland in February

So you're heading over to Iceland during February! Hurray!! What a fun month to visit this gorgeous country of endless possibilities and wonder! Sonar festival is definitely the activity that stands out in this cold month, but it's also quite a romantic one as well as February is also when...

Family Friendly Activities in Iceland

What are good things to do in Reykjavik for families? What family friendly activities are there?  Iceland is the perfect travel destination for all kinds of group dynamics- families too! We have already written a few blogs for solo travelers, females, and couples- but what about the whole families that have...

7 useful saving hacks for your trip in Iceland

  Yes, Iceland is truly awesome. Yes, Iceland can be expensive, AND yes, there are definitely ways to enjoy the awesomeness without getting totally broke! Believe us, we live here! Are you looking for some local hacks on how to enjoy the country without breaking the bank? Look no further! Here is how...

Dating in Iceland

Text by: Kristina Daisy Rácz Are you single and planning on traveling alone to Iceland? Do you maybe think it´s lonely, frightening or strange traveling alone to Iceland? DON’T! By the end of this blog I ensure you, that whatever fear you might have will be gone. I will in this...


Bucketlist for Iceland |Over 100 Things to do and see In Iceland!

You're heading to Iceland! Congratulations! You are going to have a FANTASTIC time! Coming to Iceland,  you are going to want to experience as much as you can and SEE as much of you can. So, we are here to help! Here we have put together the ULTIMATE Bucket List for...

Icelandic Beer: Everything you need to know!

Text by: Egill Fannar Halldórsson Our Icelandic beer culture has literally been booming for the past few years but our local beer history goes way, way back! In this blog, I will do my very best in giving you a super brief introduction on everything that matters on the topic of Icelandic...

Iceland in November: Things to do in and around Reykjavik

[caption id="attachment_24084" align="alignleft" width="150"] Text by: April Harpa Smáradóttir[/caption] How is Iceland in November? What is the weather like and what to do in Reykjavik during this time of the year? To answer your questions, November is a wonderful time to visit Iceland! Don't let the darkness and the rain scare you because...

Evening in reykjavik

How to spend your evening in Reykjavik during winter

Text: Apríl Harpa Smáradóttir The long, glorious Icelandic summer nights have come to an end and the darker days have already presented themselves here in Reykjavik! But that's fine because we LOVE wintertime!!  Iceland is filled with exciting activities all day long, ranging from river rafting to glacier hiking, from horse riding...

30 WEIRD Facts you didn’t know about Iceland

Iceland was one of the last places on earth to be settled by humans. At about 39,000 square miles, Iceland is small – close to the size of Ohio. There is a volcanic eruption every 4 years on average. There are no forests in Iceland. Beer remained illegal in...

Traveling Solo in Iceland

Text by: April Harpa Smáradóttir Iceland is the last place on earth to get bored in. Like we have mentioned before in our previous blogs on solo traveling in Iceland, Iceland is the perfect destination for solo travelers. Icelanders are super polite and helpful when it comes to travelers and there are...

The Perfect Budget Weekend Escape in South – Iceland

Written By: April Harpa Smáradóttir Exploring my own country for a small budget has been a growing hobby of mine for the past year and a half. Iceland has this major myth that you can't see anything here without spending major cash. Well, now I'm here to proof that wrong!  Iceland...