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We at Wake Up Reykjavik are a tiny group of happy locals and we are super passionate about showing travellers from all round the world the absolute best of what our beautiful hometown has to offer! In our tours we explore Reykjavik through authentic experiences involving incredible Icelandic food, beer and cocktails – and all the best local venues in town.


Planning a trip to Iceland can be confusing – As there are A LOT of things to see and do. Our main goal with this blog is to simplify the process for you – letting you in on all our awesome local tips, recommendations and secrets about Iceland. Basically everything you’ll need to know to ensure that you will make the absolute most of your Iceland trip and hopefully love our country as much as we do!


Icelandic Water: Everything you need to know!

Text by: April Harpa Smáradóttir Obviously, water plays a huge part in our lives. We simply can’t thrive without it. Iceland is a rich country when it comes to water, we...


New Years Eve in Reykjavik

Text by: Egill Fannar Halldórsson Updated: 15/11/'16 Visiting Reykjavik for New Years Eve is definitely something special. It's a huge season in the capital of Iceland and the city will be more alive...


Iceland in December: What to expect?

Are you thinking about visiting Iceland in December? If so, I would from the bottom of my heart recommend you to GO for it! Book your ticket now and don't look...


Top 5: Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Reykjavik

Text by: Apríl Harpa Smáradóttir Are you a vegetarian going to Iceland? And maybe more importantly, are there any good vegetarian restaurants in Iceland?  In this blog I am sharing my local...

iceland skyr / jogurt

The Icelandic Skyr / Jogurt

SKYR, or as the Icelandic locals pronounce it "skeer" is said to be one of Iceland's most traditional cuisines. Brought to Iceland by the Norwegian vikings when they first settled...


Roadtrip in Iceland |5 Things NOT to do!

Text by: April Smáradóttir The tourist boom is hitting us hard. We Icelanders are having kind of a love-hate relationship to it. Iceland is beautiful and we like living in it....



Text By : April Harpa Smáradóttir   Imagine this. You're standing in the middle of a scenery that could easly be cut straight from a scene of Games of Thrones. You have never...