Visit Iceland in August | What to expect and things to do

Visit Iceland in August | What to expect and things to do

August is the last official month of summer and that’s when we try our very best to soak up the last bits of the summer vibes here in Iceland! The weather temperature is still quite warm, making it a fantastic month for all kinds of outdoor activities, festivals, and camping. There are many things going on within Reykjavik city itself during August. If you are more of an urban kid than a nature hippie,  then August is the perfect month for you! Of course, exploring the countryside is a must do while in Iceland though and shouldn’t be missed out on by anyone!

Visiting Iceland in August? Here, you’ll find the following information

  • Weather in Iceland in August
  • How to dress in Iceland in August
  • Events in Iceland in August
  • Tours worth doing in August
  • Swimming Pools worth visiting



Weather in Iceland in August


Along with July, August is one of the warmest months of the year here in Iceland. The average temperature lurks around 10-15°c but we do have the occasional super warm summer day when the temperature shoots to a whopping 20°c degrees!

Expect the occasional rain here and there and the arctic wind might be lingering around, but still, it’s summer so let’s think summer! Here, the hours of daylight are quite normal, or 6 hours of day ! What a bliss.

What to wear in Iceland in August


If you like traveling light then august is the right month for you to travel to Iceland. Well, not necessarily “light” but we are talking about the lightest as it can get when it comes to Iceland. Sweaters, long pants and a coat should be on your packing list… along with a “Lopapeysa” which is the traditional wool sweater, gloves and a nice warm hat.

In august, locals still stroll around in only sweaters and jeans but the evening hours could get a bit chillier. So bring something warm with you.

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Events in Iceland in August

As you have probably noticed in our previous summer blogs about Iceland, locals really love attending festivals! Reykjavik is super awesome during August as two of the biggest festivals of the year are held in August!


Þjóðhátíð is the annual shopkeepers holiday and is held during the first weekend in August. This is definitely one of the biggest local festivals in Iceland and is held on Westman Islands. Thousands and thousands of Icelanders head to the islands for three days of singing, camping,  drinking and meeting long lost friends from all over the country! If you want to do something truly local and experience a  unique,  unforgettable festival then secure your tickets to Þjóðhátið festival!



But the shopkeepers holiday is not only celebrated on Westman Islands. Some people like staying in town and if you are one of those, then don’t worry. There is something for everyone, everywhere! Innipúkinn is a great event, held in downtown Reykjavik and is filled with music, music and more music.

Gay Pride


Reykjavik is colorful, but try visiting Reykjavik during Gay pride! Gay Pride in Iceland is hands down one of the biggest events in Reykjavik and definitely my personal favorite one! Over 100.000 locals come together on this day to celebrate the LGBT community with parades, arts, music, and glitter. Locals have painted the streets, set up flags and posters around a week before the actual celebration day, just to make the celebration last a tiny bit longer- it’s that fun! Yes, there are concerts and of course, the wildest parties ever during this celebration!

Menningarnótt – The Icelandic culture night 18. 09.2017. 


The Icelandic Culture Night or “Menningarnótt” as its known in Icelandic, is held on 18.09.2017 in Reykjavik. This is when the whole city turns into a big culture hub, with art shows and events literally everywhere. The downtown area gets filled with all kinds of people doing all kinds of stuff that should give you a little sense of how the Icelandic culture is blossoming today. The highlight of this day is probably the fireworks which most people are eager to attend to, followed by long hours of dancing and meeting new people from all over the world!

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Tours worth doing in August


Whale watching tours

As long as the Puffin and Whale season is on, we will mention these activities in every single article. Seriously, these gracious animals should not be missed out on!

The Reykjavik Bar Crawl

Like mentioned before, August is super fun for those who would like to stay in Reykjavik because the city is totally buzzing with life in August! Jon our Reykjavik Bar Crawl for that pre-party vibe and to get in touch with all kinds of folks from all over the world! In our Bar crawl, we take you to some of our absolute favorite places in town, share with you recommendations and of course, dance with you into the night until your feet can’t carry you anymore!

The Reykjavík Beer Tour

What is better than sipping on some BRILLIANT local Icelandic beers in the summertime? The Beer Tour is the latest addition to our tours and we absolutely love it! You will get to taste the Icelandic beer culture with us through various beers at some of the best venues that offer a brilliant beer selection in Reykjavik!


Swimming Pools in Reykjavík worth visiting:

Iceland is a BIG swimming nation and especially in the summer time. We absolutely love to go take a quick swim when it gets sunny and the most popular pools for visitors are “Laugardagslaug”, “Vesturbæjarlaug” and “Sundhöllin”. They are all located in Reykjavik, so it should be super easy to spot them! The pools here are a very good choice for families as for children under 6 it’s free, children 6-17 years old only pay 150 ISK and adults pay around 950 ISK.



August is stuffed with music, events, good weather, glitter, and joy. August is of course also fantastic for road trips and sightseeings too so everyone should find something to do here! If you would like to hear more about Iceland in August, please leave your comment below and we will do our very best to help out!

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