5 Best Craft Jewellery and Accessories Brands in Reykjavik

5 Best Craft Jewellery and Accessories Brands in Reykjavik

If you have come to Reykjavik in hopes of finding something really special for yourself or to bring home for a special one, this article is for you! Here is a list of just a few craft jewellery brands in Reykjavik I came across which you should definitely check out!

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Being a fan of crafted products, watches, jewellery, and original brands with a story, I found myself looking for Jewellery brands in Reykjavik which you can go check out when you shop in Reykjavik.

Iceland has a history of great artists, designers, and not to mention a vast historical culture to draw inspiration from. I went on an adventure in the streets of Reykjavik looking for the hidden stores which keep the crafted tradition alive in the design and making of their products.

One thing is for sure, I did not leave disappointed as I found that there are still thriving and passionate designers and craftsmen in Reykjavik, offering amazing products.

I have compiled a list of the top 5 jewellery brands in Reykjavik and I hope that you get to visit all of them as you can be sure that there will be something that you will fall in love with. Be sure to read right to the end as I reveal the number 1 on this list of the top 5 Jewellery brands in Reykjavik!

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#5 My Concept Store

Craft Jewellery: My concept Store

Picking the number 5 best jewellery brands in Reykjavik was quite a difficult task as there a few brands which deserve the credit of being on this top 5 list. My Concept store takes the spot thanks to its originality and carefully thought out designs both in its jewellery but also in its store.

The store is located on Laugavegur, it’s a store that you cannot miss as you walk down the famous street. My Concept Store is a fantastic little shop, and with its dark walls and its numerous interesting artefacts displayed around the shop, there is a great ambient feel to it. They sell all sort of things from photography books to Fashion garments and creams, but for the interest of this article, I’m focusing my attention to their in-house jewellery collection.

Jewellery brands in Reykjavik - My Concept StoreAt the centre of their shop are some great display tables highlighting the various jewellery that they do ranging from rings, bracelets and necklaces.
Although not entirely a jewellery brand they have still have found the passion and skill to make their jewellery in their workshop located under their store. Using various precious materials such as gold and sterling Silver, they have designed a great little collection of products available at different price ranges.
I clearly saw coherency in the design of their jewellery as most of them encompass a ring in their design (as well as other collections). I think this is a great and unique individual trait as all their designs feel a part of a carefully thought-out collection.

Their jewellery is kept simple and elegant as it offers great choices for either men or women, as well as fantastic opportunities for matching pairs for all you that one something to remember your special trip with your loved one. And for all those reasons, that is why My Concept Store made its place on my list of the top 5  jewellery brands in Reykjavik.

All you need to know:

#4 Aurum by Guðbjörg Jewellery

Craft Jewellery: Aurum

The number 4 on my list of best jewellery brands in Reykjavik is Aurum.
Coming into Aurum really took me by surprise as it probably has the most extensive jewellery collection on this list. Each collection draws its inspiration from a particular theme and therefore you can go in there sure that you will find something you like or that you will relate to.
All of the Jewellery is designed by Guðbjörg and it’s all made and crafted in their jewellery workshop behind their store. You can be sure that these are Authentic Icelandic artefacts. The designs are all very intricate and original, truly showcasing a unique design talent by Guðbjörg.

Jewellery brands in Reykjavik - AurumIts location on Bankastræti means that you will not miss them, and if you go to downtown Reykjavik for some shopping or sightseeing, you will most likely be walking past it.

Good for the environment:

A great aspect of Aurum is its value for sustainability. Indeed, they only use recycled and re-refined precious metals as well as certified and conflict-free precious stones and diamonds which further adds to the emotional value of their jewellery.

All you need to know:

#3 JS Watch Co.

Craft Jewellery: JS Watch Co.

The number 3 on my top 5  jewellery brands in Reykjavik is actually a watch brand, but read on and you’ll understand why I just had to put them on this list!
Having worked in the watch industry myself and knowing the ins and outs of the watch industry, I believed this brand deserves all the credit of being number 3 on this list. JS Watch Company is a small Reykjavik watchmaker who claims to be ‘Probably the world’s smallest watch manufacturer’. With that statement alone, you can be sure that it is worth a visit.
Watchmaking is a big world, but when you realise that most watch brands are owned by three global corporations, it suddenly shows how small the watchmaking world is for independent brands out there.

Craft Jewellery: JS Watch Co.Having met with the Master-Watchmaker Gilbert O. Gudjonsson, I soon realised what makes this business tick. Their love, knowledge and drive to give the world a piece of luxury from the heart of Iceland are truly inspiring. I found great pleasure in listening to Gilbert, always wearing his watchmaker’s lens, talk to me about his brand and the various successes they have achieved.

As you go into their small shop on Laugavegur, you are met with a great ‘old-school’ watchmaking feel, with watches on one side and an impressive wall showcasing the various personalities that are proudly wearing their watches. Personalities such as Ben Stiller, Yoko Ono, and my personal favourite, the Dalai Lama. Yes, the Dalai Lama owns a JS watch!

They offer a variety of different automatic watches, and although the movements themselves are Swiss, the assembly and the design of the watches are completely and authentically made in Iceland; assuring you a timepiece of great Icelandic quality.

Like most beautiful things made in Iceland, the timepieces come at a pretty heavy price tag but when considering the passion, time and individuality of the products, they become so much more than a heavy price tag. So, if you have been considering treating yourself to a big-name watch, why not wait until you get to Reykjavik and get yourself a timepiece which will represent so much more?

My Personal Favourite:

My personal favourite from their collection is the ‘Frisland God Special Edition’ timepiece as its design was well and truly inspired by its beautiful country of Origin. With a face made of Volcanic Ash and a beautifully hand-carved case, it is one eye-catching timepiece sure to excite all watch enthusiasts out there.

All you need to know:

#2 Hildur Hafsteinn

Craft Jewellery: Hildur Hafsteinn

Off the bat, Hildur Hafsteinn Jewellery probably holds the number 1 spot for store design. The very inventive, immersive and spiritual feel of the place truly takes your shopping experience to a new level. From the colours, artefacts, thematic and ambient music playing in the background, Hildur Hafsteinn Jewellery has truly understood the importance of having not just great products, but a great brand and a great environment for all its potential buyers.
Jewellery brands in Reykjavik -Hildur HafsteinnInspired by the world and its various nomadic gipsy cultures, Hildur Hafsteinn Jewellery truly succeeds in delivering unique, authentic and beautiful designs that are sure to make you travel back to their original inspirations.

Hildur Hafsteinn Jewellery was started by Hildur Herself, an Icelandic jewellery designer with a lifetime of travels and passion behind her, making this brand and its product feel genuine and passionate. Offering a vast array of different jewellery products such as Bracelet, necklaces, earrings and rings, they are also venturing soon into men’s jewellery which is absolutely great news for me and all of us men out there!

Another great aspect of Hildur Hafsteinn Jewellery is in their use of numerous precious stones in the production of their jewellery. Bathing in the themes of spirituality, each stone used on their designs is used to represent their respective spiritual benefits and healing properties. I believe that these extra little details and narratives give the designs so much more life and reasons to consider purchasing one.

I have personally bought the ‘cone’ necklace from them as a gift to a loved one and although simple in its design, the themes surrounding nature made it special to who I bought it for.

All you need to know:

#1 Orrifinn Jewels

Craft Jewellery: Orrifinn Jewels

And here we have it, my number 1 on the best jewellery brands in Reykjavik, Orrifinn Jewels.
I cannot give these guys enough praise for what they do.
Craft Jewellery: Orrifinn JewelsI came across their shop, fantastically located on Skólavördustígur, and I was instantly drawn to their shop window displaying their designs in all their uniqueness and originality.
With various collections representing various thematic and narratives, I spent a good length of time reading about the meaning behind the various designs. I instantly felt a strong connection to the brand. Among my favourite of their collections are the ‘Anchor’ collection representing the rich Sailing heritage of Iceland and the ‘Tools’ collection representing the hardship of the manual working life.
The themes have been beautifully brought together with splendid designs, from rings, necklaces and bracelets, they have something for anyone who is interested in crafted Jewellery.

What impressed me the most at Orrifinn Jewels, in addition to the cohesion of their brand and designs, was the workshop which in plain sight, where rowsJewellery brands in Reykjavik -Orrifinn of tools are scattered around giving an insight into the craft behind the jewellery.
Because this is a small boutique business, you are able to converse with the jewellery makers as they assist you in browsing their products. That personal feel really made me understand the passion and knowledge behind every single product and if it wasn’t for the understandably considerable price tag, I would have bought the whole shop.

Being quite obvious in my love and admiration for this brand, I received the Anchor Bracelet as a Christmas Present and it is now my favourite bracelet that I own.

All you need to know:

  • Where to Find them: Skólavördustígur 17a 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Website: https://orrifinn-jewels.myshopify.com/
  • Type: Unisex Jewellery
  • Price tag: $$$


Craft in Iceland

If you are coming to Iceland in search of Authenticity, I truly recommend checking out some of the stores that I mentioned on this list. However, if Jewellery and watches aren’t exactly what you were looking for, or if you’re looking for more great authentic things to do, go check out these local experiences that we offer at Wake Up Reykjavik:

-> Or check out our All Tours here.

Final words …

I made this top 5 jewellery brands in Reykjavik list out of personal opinion and taste. If you think any other brands should have been on this list, do let me know in the comments, who knows maybe there are other jewellery brands in Reykjavik that I am yet to discover!

I look forward to hearing from you shoppers and travellers,

Your local guide,


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