Best Of Reykjavik 2019

Best Of Reykjavik 2019

Angie Diamantopoulou Author

Text by: Angie Diamantopoulou

It is hard to choose the best of Reykjavik for 2019. However, I think it is my duty as your trusted guide in Iceland to give you all the best things you can see, do, eat, discover and, in general, enjoy in Reykjavik in 2019!

If you are traveling to Iceland within 2019, you might wonder what are the best things that Reykjavik has to offer. Luckily for you, there is a lot!

From mouthwatering food and a lively nightlife to quiet side streets and relaxing hot tubs, Reykjavik has it all. Every single item in this list has been hand-picked by me, just for you to enjoy! 

So, keep reading to find out what are the best of Reykjavik in 2019, and discover everything you need to make your trip to Iceland unforgettable!

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  • a few tips from a local!
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best of reykjavik in 2019

In the last decade or so, Reykjavik has become one of the most lively, most creative places in the world. It's hard to choose just a few activities and sights as the best of Reykjavik. It's a hard work, but someone's gotta do it!

Keep reading to find out everything I think you should do on your trip to Reykjavik!


best restaurant best of reykjavik 2019

A trip to Iceland would be incomplete without trying some local cuisine! The title for the best restaurant in our best of Reykjavik 2019 goes to Messinn.

Messinn is a master of traditional Icelandic cuisine with a modern twist. With an emphasis on fish, this restaurant offers fantastic dishes, such as the traditional fish stew. Their version is a perfectly crispy, fresh (thanks to the lime) reincarnation of the Icelandic staple.

​Messinn doesn't offer grandma's recipes. It offers updated, innovative traditional Icelandic staples. And it does so without breaking the bank!

Info:at their website

Location: Lækjargata 6b and Grandagarður 8


best of reykjavik 2019 spuutnik

Up for some shopping while in Reykjavik? I've got you covered!

​Reykjavik is a rather expensive city, and shopping here can cost you a pretty penny. Thankfully, Spúútnik won't drain your bank account! 

With a range of prices and styles, Spúútnik is one of the hottest stores in Reykjavik. A vintage and second-hand boutique, Spúútnik is the place to go if you want to find some authentic Icelandic wool sweaters (or lopapeysur)​. A lopapeysa makes for the perfect souvenir from your trip, and will also keep you warm during your adventures around the Icelandic nature!

If you don't have your own Icelandic grandma to make you a lopapeysa, this is your next best option. Most, if not all, of the wool sweaters in Spúútnik are second-hand sweaters made by a grandma!

Location: Laugavegur 28​

Psst! Looking for more places to shop? Check out this guide with the best stores and boutiques in Reykjavik!


best of reykjavik 2019 hurra

Our best of Reykjavik in 2019 would be incomplete without Húrra. A bar for everyone and anyone, Húrra has been a local favorite, especially among college students. 

With a live event almost every night, there is no dull time in Húrra. While there are no impressive cocktails or frilly beers, but rather just a good selection of alcohol, the atmosphere and the bar's vibe make up for it.

A word of caution; Húrra gets packed in the weekends. However, it is impossible to find a good bar in downtown ​Reykjavik that is not packed in the weekends. Locals love to party!

Location: Tryggvagata 22​


Reykjavik is the art capital of the Nordics. It seems that almost everyone in Reykjavik is born with an artistic vision, and there are endless shows and exhibitions to prove that.

But you don't speak Icelandic. Thankfully, the folks at The Secret Cellar have come to save the day.

With a live comedy show in English every single night (as well as karaoke nights!), The Secret Cellar is the place to go if you are in need of some local entertainment. Hilarious line-ups, open mics, and the best of Iceland's comedic talent will ensure that you have an amazing night!

Location: Lækjargata 6a​


best of Reykjavik 2019 laugardalslaug

Swimming? In Iceland? Why, yes! Icelandic people love to swim, and there is a swimming pool in every neighborhood!

If you want to go for a swim in Reykjavik, Laugardalslaug​ is my suggestion for the best of Reykjavik in 2019, as far as pools are concerned. If the weather is nice, expect to see many fellow swimmers! However, the pool is so big that you can swim undisturbed!

Feel free to enjoy the hot tubs and the water slides, as well! And don't worry, the pools are heated, so you won'r freeze!

Location: Sundlaugavegur 105​


Whales of Iceland museum in Reykjavik

I love museums. They are the heart of all my trips, and being a foreigner, I have made it my mission to visit all of Iceland's museums.

The Whales of Iceland has to be the most impressive museum in Reykjavik. The museum is dedicated to the whale species that call Iceland home, as the name suggests. You won't only learn about whales, their biology, and conservation methods, but you will also be surrounded by life-size models of whales! The models hanging from the ceiling will make you feel as if you are swimming among the whales in the ocean!

An educating playground for kids and adults alike, the Whales of Iceland museum is a must visit in our best of Reykjavik in 2019 list.

Info: on their website​

Location: Fiskislóð 23-25​

Are you looking for more museums in Reykjavik? Check out this guide!


A restaurant for Reykjavik food walk best things to do in Reykjavik in 2019

There are plenty of tours around Reykjavik, which will show you the city and some attractions. None of them compare to the Reykjavik Food tour.

The Reykjavik Food tour is the best way to see the city and experience Iceland in the best way; through its cuisine! An experienced guide will walk you around Reykjavik, showing you all the best attractions, as well as all the best restaurants the city has to offer!

In this tour, you will try six different meals from six different restaurants. The highlights? A rye bread ice cream and the cured sheep with thyme and anise!

To learn more about this amazing tour and all the mouthwatering local dishes you can try, check out my review of the tour! Spoiler: you will get to try the restaurant in this list, Messinn!

You can book a spot in the tour here!​


best of iceland 2019 valdis

Icelandic people are crazy about ice cream. You would think that in a country that has the word ice in its name there would be warmer treats, but the locals chose ice cream as their preferred dessert a long time ago, and have since perfected that art.

There is a very specific kind of ice cream that Icelanders prefer, and that is bragðarefur, or most commonly known as a mix-in. However, Valdis doesn't sell that.

What Valdis sells is insanely good, creamy ice cream in some classic flavors we all love and some flavors you probably haven't heard of before. In my opinion, there is no tastier ice cream in all of Reykjavik.

Valdis also has a wide range of sorbets, for those who do not consume milk.

Location: Grandagarður 21​


best of iceland 2019 esja

Our best of Reykjavik list would be incomplete without a place where you can enjoy the Icelandic nature. While Reykjavik is a capital, it is surrounded by nature, as Icelandic people try to preserve it as much as possible.

Esja is the best place in Reykjavik to get a quick nature fix. Ever time the weather is nice, several locals go to Esja for a hike to enjoy the rare nice weather. ​With green, red and brown painting the land as far as the eye can see, as well as with a beautiful river snaking down the mountain, Esja is the perfect place to acquaint yourself with the Icelandic nature.

Location: ​64° 15′ 0″ N, 21° 38′ 0″ W

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Icelandic wool sweater

Everyone loves souvenirs! They are a great reminder of your trip or something nice to take back to your loved ones. However, everyone also knows that most souvenirs are mass-imported products.

That is why I suggest that you get an Icelandic wool sweater (lopapeysa). Not only is it an authentic Icelandic product, but it will also be a great addition to your and your loved ones' wardrobes!

As I mentioned before, you can find authentic lopapeysur in second-hand stores. However, if you want a new one, you can try the Handknitting Association of Iceland or find individuals who make them​. The internet is full of them!

Looking for more creative souvenirs to get on your trip to Iceland? I gotchu! Check out this guide!

some tips from a local

There are so many things to see and do in Reykjavik! If you have the time, my best tip is to do your research and see as much as possible!

However, if you don't have the time, then my list on the best of Reykjavik in 2019 should come in very handy! Don't be afraid to stray from it, though! You might find something amazing that even I don't know about!

some final words

I hope you enjoyed this guide on the best of Reykjavik in 2019! I wish you all the fun in your trip to Iceland!

Do you think there is something that deserves to be in this list? Let me know in the comments! And, as always, don't forget to share with fellow travelers!​

It is hard to choose the best of Reykjavik for 2019. However, I think it is my duty as your trusted guide in Iceland to give you all the best things you can see, do, eat, discover and, in general, enjoy in Reykjavik in 2019!


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