Family Friendly Activities in Iceland

Family Friendly Activities in Iceland

picsart_05-18-01-56-10What are good things to do in Reykjavik for families? What family friendly activities are there? 

Iceland is the perfect travel destination for all kinds of group dynamics- families too! We have already written a few blogs for solo travelers, females, and couples- but what about the whole families that have made their way to this beautiful island? Despite intense roads and sometimes quite hectic weather conditions, this place is amazing for the little ones too! Here, they can wander in a safe but colorful environment which is brilliant for their imagination as well! This is the island of ELVES and 13 Santa clauses after all!

Swimming pools in Reykjavik

Here is a fun fact: Iceland has the highest number of swimming pools per capita in the world! There are geothermally heated pools everywhere and they are the ultimate family activity in Iceland for sure! Icelanders grew up visiting the swimming pools both in their free time and as a part as of their school schedule, so we can truly say that visiting a pool is one of the most local fun activity for you and your family.

We put a lot of powder into our swimming pools and the next one is never too far away. Most of the swimming pools have nice hot tubs (several temperatures) and some colder tubs as well. Most swimming pools also have slides, rides, toys and tubes to explore so there should definitely be something for everyone! And then, there is also space for the actual swimming.


Our top 3 favorite pools:
Laugardalslaug located here
Vesturbæjarlaug locate here
Árbæjarlaug located here

Price: 1000 ISK

The Saga Museum (Viking Wax Museum)

7679345842_7a36059eedThe Saga museum has been my personal favorite museum in Reykjavik since I was a kid. It’s located in the up and coming area of Grandi which also keeps the Maritime Museum and Valdís Icecream parlor.  This wax figure museum turns all the major Viking Icelandic Viking heroes to life with a unique and exciting way for all ages to enjoy! If you have kids that LOVE good stories and like cool characters, then this museum is an absolute must visit while in Reykjavik.

The Saga museum is for everyone who is curious about the first settlers here in Iceland and would like to put some life into learning instead of reading all about it!  I simply can’t recommend this one enough, it’s just THAT fun!

The visitors are guided through the stories with an audio guide, that way you can control the whole experience yourself in your own phase. In the end, there is a section where you can try out some Viking outfits too!

Opening hours for The Saga Museum:

Every day from 10-18:00

Their website:

The Reykjavik Food Walk

This is not your regular city walk,  oh no no! What is better than bonding through FOOD? Our Reykjavik Food Walk is the perfect way to get to know the city in a fun, safe and a different way!  Our Foodie tours are filled with stories,  fun facts and delicious foods that everyone can enjoy, both young and elders. Reykjavik is such a colorful city and it should be explored.  You can literally find cool arts around every corner here so why not eat your way through the city while you learn a thing or two about our Icelandic daily cuisine?


The walk is both brilliant for kids who like to stretch their legs but at the same time, is not too long for those who don’t want to walk too much. We put a lot of effort in tailor-making each tour to each guest so the phase should always be just right. There are no spicy or weird things on the menu, only fun and YUMMY Foods!

You can secure your spots for our amazing Foodie Walk right here on the right-hand side!

The Pond

Another childhood activity that simply doesn’t grow old. Feeding the birds by the pond is a calm, nice way to spend your afternoon here in Reykjavik. The swans and ducks are very friendly and eager to come close to you for some food. Bring some of your lunch leftovers to feed the ducks while enjoying the nice view of the beautiful pond with the colorful houses around. During winter, the pond sometimes freezes to that point that one can actually SKATE on it. It’s the best!

The city hall is also just a few steps away and that is always open for guests. Inside the city hall is a HUGE map of Iceland that is very popular for people of all ages. On the other side of the pond is a little playground, along with some nice little parks and spots to chill at!

frozen pond in reykjavik

The pond freezes during winter, making it the perfect place to skate!

Fjölskyldu-og húsdýragarðurinn (The Reykjavik Park and Zoo)

Yes, we do have a zoo here! Well, it mostly has Icelandic domestic farm animals, there but still, it’s a zoo! If you are a big animal lover and up for a relaxed day with coffee and ice cream, then pay our Reykjavik Park and Zoo a visit!  Apart from the Icelandic farm animal, you can also see some seals, raindeers, owls and foxes, how cool is that? There are also a few coffeehouses with the best cakes in town and fun rides for children. Icelanders loved coming here while they were young (and still do) so we think the zoo has really earned its spot here on the list!

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Quad bikes and snowmobiles

Iceland is the ultimate destination to get your adrenaline pumping! For the ones who love SPEED and NATURE! Exploring this country on a quad bike or on a snowmobile even is 100% one of our most favorite ways of getting to know this country! If you like to get dirty while laughing your lungs away, hire a quad bike and explore one of our many dirt roads, hills, and ditches at full speed! This simply can’t disappoint!
Our favorite quad operator is with out a doubt with our friends at Safari Quads

For those who are coming here during winters, grab the golden chance and hire a snowmobile to explore one of our incredible glaciers! This refreshing activity with the breathtaking scenery will definitely be a memory that will late to be forgotten and is well suitable for everyone!
We like to talk to our friends at Artic Adventures whenever we are up for some snowmobiling, so remember to check them out if you want to share this activity with your family!

snowmobile in Iceland

Like we have mentioned before, Iceland is the last country in the world to get bored in! The country is filled with beautiful landscapes, extreme sports to try, delicious foods, interesting museums to visit and a very lively music scene that just continues to flourish. We here at Wake up Reykjavik truly love helping peoples adventures become true so if you wish for any recommendations, tips or help with planning – please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

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