Fun group activities in Iceland

Fun group activities in Iceland

Some like traveling solo, others like sharing memories with their friends and families! Are you coming to Iceland and looking for fun group activities? Great! You have come to the right place! Here, we have gathered together some awesome ideas for you and your group!


Reykjavik Food Walk

For all the Foodie lovers out there! Dedicate 4 hours of your life of getting to know the fabulous city of Reykjavik while eating delicious local foods! Enjoy the day with a fun local guide that happily shows you everything he knows about Reykjavik and is also more than happy to share with you few tips about basically everything! The Reykjavik Food Walk is a fantastic group activity because we are more than able to accommodate all kinds of group sizes and it’s also more fun to share food with someone you love!

friends in reykjavik by church

The Reykjavik Beer Tour

Is your group more about drinking beers than eating food? Oh, we totally get that! And that’s why we created the Reykjavik Beer Tour! What is more exciting than strolling around town sipping on various kinds of Icelandic beer crafts? We promise you, this is one of the top group activities in Iceland in general. Why? Because beer, that’s why.


The Reykjavik Bar Crawl

Are you traveling with a group of crazy party animals? Well, welcome to the party city of Scandinavia! Joining our crawl is the best option for you if you want to experience the nightlife with a group because a) drinks are included so while you are chatting with your friends, we are handling the drinks for you so you don’t need to wait by the bar and therefore loose the group tempo and b) We have VIP entrance in all of our stops! That fact alone is HEAVEN for groups!

friends celebrating birthday


ATV and Buggy Cars

If you and your group are not afraid to get a bit dirty and like outdoor activities, Jump on one of those clumsy but super awesome buggy cars and ride through Icelandic nature in one of the most fun possible way! What is more refreshing than speeding over rivers and up mountain paths with the clean air in your face and a laughing friend next to you?


River rafting

Alright, imagine this! You and your group on a rubber boat rushing through harsh Icelandic rivers, laughing your heart out and getting soaking wet in freezing glacial waters! ha! That’s a day definitely worth remembering and sharing with your friends! River rafting is a popular activity for groups and should not be missed out on while visiting Iceland!


The Blue Lagoon

Yes, we are putting the blue lagoon on the list! The Blue Lagoon recently just got bigger with even more area to float around in which makes it perfect for large groups. Visiting the blue lagoon is actually a popular activity among locals in big groups that are either celebrating or doing something fun with coworkers. They have a bar in the lagoon so you won’t get thirsty and beautiful chill out areas for you to hang at.

blue lagoon in Iceland

The blue lagoon has plenty of space!


Thanks for reading our blog for some ideas for your group in Iceland! Traveling with a large group can be a handful but after reading this guide, we hope we helped you with the planning! If there is anything else you’d like to hear about, please don’t be shy to leave our comment in the section below!

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