Iceland in July | Things to do and what to expect

Iceland in July | Things to do and what to expect

Coming to Iceland in July? Buckle up because you have some serious places to visit, events to attend and sunlight to soak up! July honors us with super long sunlight hours, music and colorful people. The weather should stay pretty decent with the occasional rain drop but generally free from intense arctic winds. July is GREAT for road trips, highland missions, and camping. July is also great for those who are into beautiful flora and unique fauna, for those who are into festivals and hiking long distances. Oh, the list goes on and on but bottom line: Iceland in July is amazing and you should come!

I could spend three days writing about July in Iceland but time is money. In this article I’ll gather all the most useful information about what to expect in Iceland during this wonderful month!

  • Weather in Iceland in July
  • How to dress in Iceland in July
  • Things to do in Iceland in July
    • Festivals in Iceland in July
    • Hikes in Iceland
    • Road trip ideas for Iceland
    • Natural hot springs and Geothermal pools in Iceland
  • Tours worth doing in July in Iceland

Weather in Iceland in July

In July, the temperature sometimes reaches a whopping 20°C and that’s when we can finally show off our beach bodies by the man-made beach and even sit outside on terraces and outdoor parks while enjoying an ice cold beverage.  Oh yes, July is truly a time to be alive in Iceland because not only is the temperature above all honors but that’s also when the sun barely leaves our sight! Sounds like heaven, right?

But just to be technical, here are some weather statistics about the weather in Iceland during July:

The average temperature in July on the southern tip of the island lingers between 10-13°c celsius. Don’t be fooled by the low thermometer numbers: It’s actually warmer than it sounds, we promise! Super warm summer days can reach 20°c and even 23°c on the southern tip and that’s just when the weather gods are playing with us. We ARE witnessing hotter years increasingly and steadily so who knows: Soon it will be Costa del Ice!

Northern and eastern parts of the island are constantly getting warmer and warmer. In 2016 the thermometers exploded in the eastern part of the island again and again. The paint of the houses almost melted from heat (joking) but no seriously, it’s warmer in Iceland than you think!

What to wear in Iceland in July

There is a term in Icelandic called “Peysuveður” which literally translates to “Sweater weather”. That’s when the temperature is just right for a sweater alone during the daytime. Even though it should be safe to “pack light” bring your coat as well but no need to bring heavy winter gear. Fleece and wool are your friend in Iceland during July and a pair of gloves are nice for evening hours. Sneakers are a good footwear but bring your rain coat, because rain is expected (from all that heat, you see!)

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Things to do in Iceland in July

Road trip and camping in Iceland

The ring road (Þjóðvegur 1) is clear and open for all sizes and kinds of vehicles during the summer. If you are ever thinking about doing the circle then July is a fantastic month to do so. Seriously, if you are coming to Iceland this month and are spending a few days here: Rent a car and explore the whole island!

July is also fantastic when it comes to camping because the earth isn’t too cold to lay on and most campsides are open. There are many camping grounds spread all over the country and it’s definitely the cheapest accommodation you’ll find!

My top 5 favorite stops and areas while road tripping in Iceland:

  • Jökulsárlón: Stunning glacial lagoon in southeast Iceland
  • Seyðisfjörður: Ever saw that Walter Mitty movie? It was shot here. Seyðisfjörður is defiantly one of the cutest towns in Iceland!
  • Mývatn nature baths: Want to dodge the tourist hype of the Blue Lagoon? Visit the Mývatn Nature baths in the North
  • Reynisfjara (The Black sand beach) : Incredibly breathtaking black sand beach right by Vík
  • The Snæfellsnes Peninsula: If you can, dedicate a whole day exploring this area. You will never forget this place!

My top 5 favorite camping grounds in Iceland

  • Skaftafell by Vatnajökull National park (South)
  • Mývatn (North)
  • Atlavík (East)
  • Þakgil (South)
  • Westman Islands 

Hitchhikers are a common sight during summertime in Iceland. If you ever want to try hitchhiking then Iceland is a great place to strike that off our bucket list as it’s generally considered as a safe thing to here.

While driving in Iceland, don’t forget to visit some of the natural hot springs! Also, make some space to gaze at some of our amazing waterfalls found here in Iceland.  If there is anything you need to enjoy here,  then it’s the endless amounts of hot and cold water!

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Festivals in Iceland in July

If you are a festival baby like I am then you should 100% visit the east fjords during July! East Iceland goes festival CRAZY in July and here are the top ones you should definitely not miss out on!

  • Eistnaflug / 5-8th of July in Neskaupstaður
    • Four days of good quality rock and roll!
  • Bræðslan / 29th of July in Borgafjörður Eystri
    • Music, great camping vibe and more music
  • L.ung.A /16th-23th of July in Seyðisfjörður
    • A whole week filled with all kinds of art courses and arty events. Music festival at the end of the week.

Pro tip for these festivals: If there is a garment you definite need to pack for any of those festivals, then it’s a nice Lopapeysa! Everybody is wearing one and is the ultimate Icelandic look!


Hike in Iceland

ALRIGHT! Finally, the hiking part of this blog that is now getting super long, ha!

Iceland is a fantastic place to do some hiking, both for beginners and for those who like to challenge themselves! In my opinion, a trip to Iceland without a little hike is a rookie mistake that should be avoided at all costs!  If you are in good health and visited Iceland to soak in some nature then pack your hiking boots!

Here are a few suggestions for those who are interested in hiking in Iceland.

These suggestions can easily be covered in one day and are located in south Iceland:

  • Glymur
  • Keilir
  • Esja
  • Helgafell
  • Reykjadalur
  • Vífilfell

Longer hikes that can both be done in a day or on the course of multiple days.

  • Fimmvörðuháls
  • Laugavegur
  • Hornstrandir hike
  • Landmannalaugar hike

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Tours worth joining in July


Puffins and Whale tours

It’s not every day you can be so up and close to these gentle giants in their natural environment,  so if you’re traveling to Iceland, make sure get yourself on one of them boats! Whale watching is a fun, safe and cruelty-free experience that should not be missed out on while in Iceland during summer!  Whale season is from April- mid-October!

Puffin season is from April to September. These little cuties can be found in various places in Iceland and are a unique creature to lay your eyes on!  Dedicate a day seeing these beautiful birds and if you need any help on where to find them, you can also check out our blog about where to find puffins in Iceland!


Snorkeling and freediving

Iceland is increasingly becoming one of the top destinations to snorkel and dive in the world! Even though it’s quite cold, diving in Icelandic surroundings is spectacular! There are so many canyons, fissures and cracks found in Iceland and many of them are filled with pure glacier water. Silfra is probably the most popular place to visit for a trip but if you want to try something different, you will find something different and as unique! If you like water sports and would like to dive in pure waters with crazy visibilities, make sure to sign up for a snorkeling trip or even freediving! Yes, freediving is possible in Iceland and if you want to do something non-touristy and something super personal then check our friends out at!

River rafting and buggy cars

River rafting is a fun activity that will make your head go wow! If you haven’t noticed already- we like water sports! If you are interested in exploring some of our most stunning rivers in the most fun way, sign up for a river rafting tour!

ATV’s and buggy cars is also a fun activity we would love to recommend! If you like SPEED and DIRT, what is better than driving through untouched authentic nature in one of these bad boys!



Summer is wonderful in Iceland- the whole country gets so colorful! We hope our blog got you that summer feeling and inspired you to visit our country! If you would like to hear some suggestions about anything else, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment in the section below and we will get right back at ya!

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