ICELAND | The perfect destination for the female solo traveller

ICELAND | The perfect destination for the female solo traveller

Looking for solo female travel destinations? Is Iceland safe for female solo travelers? What do in Iceland for females. 

Iceland has been ranked as the best place for female travelers to visit again and again. Traveling alone as female can raise some eyebrows as it’s sometimes considered dangerous and risky for many reasons.

Well, we are no experts on other countries but when it comes to visiting Iceland – we at Wake Up Reykjavik couldn’t think of a better, more fun and safer place to visit as a solo female traveler looking for an adventure – and here is why!


Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world

Due to it’s very low crime rate, Iceland is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world to live- and travel to. Since there is no need to, our police – which you will hardly see don’t carry guns (watch out for their peppers pray tho’).
The low crime rate gives strolling around the city a very ‘safe and secure feel’ as there are no neighborhoods or areas that are considered to be dangerous or sketchy.

woman snorkeling in iceland

Ása Steinars is one of our favorite solo femlale travel inspirational figures out there! Click the image to visit her website

Icelanders are friendly and love to help!

Icelandic can be both very confusing and difficult to learn. We have a lot of long and hard-to-pronounce names for our streets – ‘Skólavörðustígur‘ for example.
Side note: we also have long and confusing names for our Volcanos – You might have heard of the one that erupted and caused a lot of chaos in 2010: ‘Eyjafjallajökull.
Anyway – this can make it easy for travelers to mix up street names and end up getting a bit lost. But luckily for you, Mrs. Solo traveler – According to the World Economic forum, Iceland has been ranked the world’s friendliest country. So if you’re in any need, there should always be a very helpful, English speaking Icelander nearby – who will happily point you in the right direction.

Gender equality in Iceland

Iceland is also among the countries with the highest gender equalityso the amount of respect and rights for each other is equal and fair. Being seen alone somewhere is not frowned upon and there are no strict rules on how to dress for the other gender. So for the foreign female traveler, there are no chances that she will be raising any alarming situations due to clothing.  But be sure to keep yourself warm!


Foto by Kiersten from

Iceland is generally good for you

If you are a woman who loves to pamper herself into bits- then Iceland is the ultimate destinations for you. We have a rich earth of healthy geothermal pools and lagoons that are filled with minerals that are incredible for your skin! Making Iceland the perfect destination for every princess out there :)

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Fashion in Reykjavik

We are also a very stylish city! Walk Laugarvegur and you will stumble upon rows and rows of beautiful stores with raw, unique and stylish Icelandic design. Here you will find something that no one else owns back home!  Who doesn’t love that!


You can find these in KronKron!


We can’t find a reason why Iceland isn’t a great travel destination for the adventurous solo female traveler. This safe little country has something for everyone from beautiful uncharted nature to stylish nordic design and everything in between – making it a place everyone should visit, traveling alone or not!

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