See how Reykjavik changed from 1974 to 2016 with these amazing photos!

See how Reykjavik changed from 1974 to 2016 with these amazing photos!

Reykjavik has certainly changed radically over the years. Since the changes happen slowly you won’t always notice them – but when photos from past years are examined – the changes become very, very drastic.

We’ve gathered a variety of different photos from Wikipedia taken by Christian Bickel around the year 1974 and compared them to photo’s taken by Arnar Hrafn in the year 2016. The results are nothing short of incredible.

A lot has happened in these 42 years. Everything from new buildings and trees popping up – to more awesome events in history like beer being legalized in 1989.


We’ll begin with the prime ministers office located in the heart of downtown Reykjavik on Lækjartorg (you’re likely to walk by it quite a few times during your stay in Reykjavik.) The PM’s office hasn’t really changed – but we’ve upgraded our cars a bit.



The view of the beautiful Esja mountain isn’t as glamorous as it was back in the day thanks to our big ‘sky scrapers’ in the way. But still, a fun little street with a hint of local art.


Neskirkja Church

Up next we have Neskirkja church – surrounded by green grass and a few beautiful trees – making it hard to see Hotel Saga in the back round.



It’s hard to ignore our beautiful Ingólfstorg. Always packed with people and action (especially during the summer time.)


Here we’ll see Lækartorg from a different angle. As you can see, someone has been keeping busy with planting all these trees throughout the years.


But some things never change … like these beautiful & colourful Reykjavik rooftops!


Pretty amazing, right?

And now it is up to you to take your photos and see how our beautiful hometown continues to grow!

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