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Imagine this.

You’re standing in the middle of a scenery that could easly be cut straight from a scene of Games of Thrones. You have never experienced this kind of silence before.  Your eyes fiest on harsh surroundings of exreme rawness like no other. It’s midnight, even though its as bright outside as it was only 6pm. You feel warm under this newly hand knotted wool sweater and your belly is filled with geothermally cooked rye bread which you just learnt to make yourself. Your hair is wet from bathing in a warm natural pool after todays hiking an active volcano, where you met other fellow travelerers who are also exploring this incredible place. Tomorrow you’re hiking a glacier.

Ahead, you have days of empty roads to drive, waterfalls to see, extraordinary people to meet, rivers to swim and unbelieveable sceneries to wander around in lost in thought, as if you were alone in this world.

You have a car, you have a tent and you’re roadtripping in Iceland!


Driving the ringroad in Iceland is working its way to the top on people bucketlist from all over the world. It’s even getting more and more popular among the locals aswell.

The main reason for this is how easy, accessable and beautiful the whole island is. It’s suitable for all ages and all genders. Also, if you’re a biker or just love to hike, you can bicycle or walk the whole island in a perfectly safe environment.

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In only one country, which is divided into four parts, you can witness every element of nature: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. You can thread the whole island on only one, perfectly laid road which is surrounded with fresh water to drink and camp sites to pitch a tent on.

Over summer, the sun doesn’t sit so you can drive and drive without worring about the dark.

And when you have explored one of God’s proudest creation, which is the country of Iceland, you can visit one of Scandinavia’s most interesting culture hub, Reykjavik. The home of many world famous music artists and writers, and soak youself in one of the world wildest nightlife scene or explore our very interesting cuisine.

Iceland, the land of Water


  • In Iceland, you can find Europe’s biggest glacier, Vatnajökull. It’s Icelands biggest ice cap by volume, covering up to 11% of the islands territory.
  • You can also find Snæfellsjökull, Langjökull, Mýrdalsjökull (Hint, “Jökull”means Glacier”) which are all glaciers you can hike and explore.
  • As most people are aware of, the atmosphere is getting dramatically warmer. Naturally and therefore, the glaciers are melting, creating rivers and glacier lagoons like Jökulsárlón which is definetliy a must visit.
  • Iceland is also one of few countries in the world that has limitless access to inexpensive/free sources to pure natural water, hot and cold!


Iceland, the Land of Fire


  • The island sits on a part of the ring of fire, creating a strip of active volcanoes right through it. We experience a major volcano event every five years, the latest and propably the most famous one was the rapture of Eyjafjallajökull. We actually had a smaller rapture two years ago aswell, Bárðabunga. But it wasn’t a biggie.
  • You can find fields and fields covered with old lava, specially in the south. You should definetly keep your eyes open for Stóravitshraun (“Hraun”means lava), which is the largest lavafield in Iceland.
  • Hot water flows freely under the surface of Iceland, making the whole island 100% naturally geothermal powered. Make sure to enjoy the best of this by bathing in one of hundreds of wild natural baths!


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Iceland, the Land of Earth

  • And because our little island sits on the Ring of Fire, we experience many earthquakes every day. They aren’t major ones, but definetly there. The island is actually on two platonic plates that is moving apart, 2 centermeters per year!
    Click here to read more about it (Its super interesting).
  • Psst…. Click here to see where and how many earthquakes have been for the past 48 hours!
  • We have very fertile earth with grassfields stretching as far as the eyes can see and colorful lush flowers in the summer.
  • There isn’t a spot in iceland where you can stand and not see a mountain. There are mighty mountains everywhere you turn and many very hiking friendly!


Iceland, the land of Air

  • In 2010, according to Forbes, Iceland was consiered the cleanest country in the world with air polution in absolute miminum. The air here is so fresh, we even sell it in cans!
  • Iceland is also known for its so strong, unpredicting winds that can be troublesome for some but a blessing for others- like pilots in training, kite surfers og surfers!
  • We actually love our air and after this little gem of a video, you will too! CHECK IT OUT!



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