Road trip in Iceland | What to pack and how to get ready

Road trip in Iceland | What to pack and how to get ready


picsart_05-18-01-56-10Text by: April Harpa Smáradóttir

It’s fun to pack. It means you’re actually going for a new journey. Packing for Iceland shouldn’t be more tricky than packing for other countries but you do have to know what’s useful and whats not. Remember, this is a land of extremes and it’s known for being super unpredictable so think smart!

Here is a little list for you that can be very useful for you to have while preparing for your visit!

Think: What do I need when it gets cold?


There is one thing you can be darn sure of: You will get cold at some point. So the trick here is to bring extra layers. When you have the layers- get some layers for that, for every part of your body.

Remember that everything made of wool or fleece, is your friend.

What you want to find in your backpack is:




Woolen socks and nice underwear- even though its summer!

Coat that protects you from wind and rain!

Extra sweaters, t-shirts, compfy pants

For females: You will propably be on the move alot, so stack up with sports bras

It can get pretty warm here, so a pair of lighter outfit is a good idea as well.

If you are planning on sleeping in a tent: Bring something warm and comfortable to sleep in. My personal favourite is a oneze with nice woolen socks!

Think: What do I need when I get wet?


Here is another thing you can be sure of: You will get wet. No one goes to Iceland without visiting a geothermal pool (The Blue Lagoon at least), visit a hot tub, go under a waterfall, swim in a river or even in the Atlantic ocean. Iceland is a paradise for all water loving humans! You will get wet!

A quick-dry towel.

Bathing suit

A good idea would be to bring flip flops that can get wet.

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Think: What do I need for a hike?

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It’s almost against the law to visit us without doing a cheeky little hike!

Good Shoes. Trust us with this one!!

A day backpack to keep prementioned layers of clothing and also: Waterbottle to fill with mountainriver freshwater, plasters for sore feet, plastic bag for trash and other stuff…

Are you tenting on the way? Bring a tent and things to sleep on and in.

Something to shield you from rain and wind!

Maps, compass or phone with directions (It’s very easy to get lost!)




Think: What do I wanna wear for a night out?


The Icelandic nightlife is famous for being lively and filled with good music. You can’t miss out on this!

Something nice to wear to clubs as many venues have dresscodes.

Something to cover you from the cold that isn’t meant for glacier hiking aswell.

Nice pair of shoes – hiking boots can get you in trouble!

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Think: How do I want to share my memories?


We have different ways to share our experiences to our loved ones back home.

Camera, Phone, Ipads, laptops

SD cards, tripods



Other essentials

Good Moisterizer– The cold weahter can make your skin go very dry. Make sure to have a good day cream with you and a chapstick!

Travel Journal– To log all your adventures for future daydreaming!

A good book- Even though you are propably never gonna read it (it’s way too much to see, even in sitting in a car!)

Charge adapter–  If your home adapter doesn’t look like the picture below, you’re gonna want to buy one of them badboys that fit into these!








Still thinking IF you should go for a roadtrip in Iceland?


Coming over? Here are few words on how to behave like a good tourist


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