Icelandic Water: Everything you need to know!

Icelandic Water: Everything you need to know!


Text by: April Harpa Smáradóttir

Obviously, water plays a huge part in our lives. We simply can’t thrive without it. Iceland is a rich country when it comes to water, we can’t be blessed enough! We are one of very few countries in the world that has almost limitless access and sources to clean water, both hot and cold! When visiting Iceland, I recommend that you pay close attention to our water, as it is really a one of a kind.


It’s healthy for you!

First, lets talk a bit science. Ever heard of Alkaline  acid diet?
Long story short: Alkaline water (Or Ionized water if you will) is water that has pH level higher than 7. Everything above 7 is great for you.

Icelandic water? pH levels a nice whooping 8.4 out of 10 possible.
We’d also like to point out that the natural occurring fluoride is only 0.1mg – To compare, the water that is our biggest “competitor”, the water from Fiji, holds 0.26 mg of natural fluoride!

If you are interested, you can more about Alkaline foods here!

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It’s so Clean!

Icelandic water is one of the purest and most refreshing water you will ever taste! And we Icelanders are very proud of that!  The cold water from the tabs runs straight from our natural springs, filtered through lavas and rocks and elve houses and fairy dust. The results are incredibly smooth and crispy taste like no other. It simply feels like you’re drinking silk!

Do we chlorinate it? Hell no! No additives here! You can safely drink the water from almost every single free flowing lake in the wild nature – so no need to chlorinate at all!

Surely, you’ve heard of Silfra. The water? So pure that no life can possibly thrive in it, except for algae! Yes- Icelandic water is simply THAT CLEAN!

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Natural hot Geothermal Water

Like we have written about before, Iceland sits on so-called “Ring of Fire”.  The cold and hot water does not come from the same source, as the hot, sulfur smelling water comes straight from the ground. No need for water heaters.  Yup, it’s boiling hot, like sprouting up from hell itself.  Sometimes and in some places it simply gets too hot to handle and that’s where we have Geysers!

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But why does the water from the tab sometimes taste so bad?” You might ask.

That sulfur taste? We hate when that happens as well! Our hot water is not made for drinking, only bathing and such… so make sure to make the cold water run a bit from the tab so the cold and hot water won’t mix! That’s how you get rid of that rotten egg smell.  There is not much you can do about showering though- smelling funky after a shower is just something you have to make peace with! The smell occurs simply because of its awesome natural origins.

The best way to enjoy our natural hot water is to visit one of our many many many natural hot springs around Iceland. If you’re curious about some of them, check this blog out!

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