Traveling Solo in Iceland

Traveling Solo in Iceland

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Iceland is the last place on earth to get bored in. Like we have mentioned before in our previous blogs on solo traveling in Iceland, Iceland is the perfect destination for solo travelers. Icelanders are super polite and helpful when it comes to travelers and there are a lot of solo travelers around. Here are few tips on how to spend your solo time in Iceland and also, few tips on the best way to make new friends over here!

Hire a bike and explore Reykjavik

Reykjavik is slowly becoming more and more bike friendly, with new biking trails being made through and around the city. Riding through the vibrant city on two wheels, instead of walking gives you the chance to explore a lot more in a shorter amount of time while having the fresh breeze in your face!  Take a stroll down to the old harbor where you’ll find various bike rentals – and enjoy the awesome day ahead!

Perfect solo day activity.

My personal recommendation would be biking down to our one and only man-made beach, Nauthólsvík, and take a dip in the freezing Atlantic ocean like the locals do. Then, have a dip in the warm natural hot pool right beside it and even bond with a new local friend!


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Stay at one of our hip downtown hostels

The hostels in downtown Reykjavik are super hip and the perfect place to make new friends. Each hostel has its own charm to it but they all share the dream of connecting people. Loft Hostel and Kex Hostel are definitely a high recommendation, as they often hold successful events and concerts! Huge fun time for the solo traveler.

Join our Reykjavik Food Walk or Bar Crawl

Oh yes, you sure bet I’m putting these activities here! We host two, delicious Food Walks almost every single day with great success so we know these walks are the perfect solo-traveller activity! We always keep our groups small and personal. That way we get a true chance to get to know the people who visit us and assure that everyone has a great time! This is absolutely the best way to get the know the city with a new local friend and even few other friends from all over the world!

The Bar Crawl is an absolute must do if one wants to get a taste of the wild Reykjavik nightlife! This is a total guarantee to make new friends and have a blast! The tour includes VIP access to a nightclub, amazing local drinks, some light food and GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE.  We simply can’t recommend this one highly enough for our solo travelers out there who want to get a bit wild :)

coctails in reykajvik

Our Bar Crawl is Famous for our custom made coco puffs coctails

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Try out Yoga Moves on Thursdays

Simply because you can’t try this in many places on the planet! This includes yoga which gradually bursts into a crazy dance with some awesome music. This is a perfect activity if you are alone and just want to get loose without the booze. For many, the dancing part can be super awkward and therefore it’s a chance to dance like no one is watching because you don’t know anyone anyway!

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Hitch hike

Yes, yes, yes! THE ultimate, adventurous solo thing to do while traveling in Iceland! Like mentioned before, Iceland is super safe and therefore we encourage people to try hitch hiking here! If anywhere, it must be in Iceland! Also, Iceland is a super hot travel destination right now so there are heaps of adventurous travelers around who would be more than happy to give you a ride and BOOM- new friends!

Hire a car and head for a mission

There are so many beautiful destinations around the island that are well enjoyable alone. Just you and nature. Man vs wild. Personally, I would spend a day doing Waterfall Missions and/or  Natural Hot Spring Missions. Driving to The Reykjanes Peninsula is also something definitely worth doing or even checking out the famous Golden Circle. Snorkeling Silfra, going Surfing or even learn how to Snowboard in the winter are great activities for solo travelers!!!

A photo by David Marcu.

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I think all the listed activities above are well enjoyable alone. I think these things will either draw you closer to other new people or require a lot of your own attention to yourself. If solo traveling is your way to go, Iceland is definitely your perfect destination as it’s safe, super fun and easy to navigate. Almost every Icelander speaks perfect English too, which is a huge help.  So if you’re coming to Iceland alone,  consider yourself super lucky as I think it’s the solo traveler paradise!

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