Bucketlist for Iceland |Over 100 Things to do and see In Iceland!


Bucketlist for Iceland |Over 100 Things to do and see In Iceland!

April Harpa

You’re heading to Iceland! Congratulations! You are going to have a FANTASTIC time! Coming to Iceland,  you are going to want to experience as much as you can and SEE as much of you can. So, we are here to help!

Here we have put together the ULTIMATE Bucket List for Iceland. How much of it have you already done? Can you think of something that should definitely bee there? Please leave your comment!

Here you go! The Ultimate Bucket List to Iceland!

Ps. If we have written a blog about the subject before, then we will link the activity:)

Things to do in South Iceland

  1. Visit the Blue Lagoon
  2. Do the Golden Circle
  3. Þingvellir Natural Park, Gullfoss waterfall, and Geyser
  4. Float in the Secret Lagoon in Flúðir
  5. Not so secret. Still epic. There is a Geyser nearby too.
  6. Snorkel or dive in Silfra
  7. Visit Seljarvallalaug pool and Krossneslaug Pool
  8. See the DC-3 Plane Wreckage
  9. Be ready to walk 8 km back and forth. But the walk is stunning
  10. Hike Fimmvörðuháls on Laugavegur
  11. Visit Þórsmörk and spend the night there
  12. Visit Reykjavik
  13. The City of Reykjavik. Filled with arts, music and great food!
  14. Glacier hike Sólheimajökull
  15. Reykjanes peninsula (Has been named one of the most romantic area of Iceland, filled with stunning places to see. Don’t miss out on the bridge between two continents! (Bring a lock with you).
  16. Experience the Icelandic Nightlife in Reykjavik (The best way to experience it to the fullest is to join our Pub Crawl!)
  17. Visit Hallgrímskirkja Church
  18. Experience the Iceland Airwaves music festival
  19. Experience the Secret Solstice music festival
  20. The midnight sun music festival
  21. Do a short hike around Reykjavik. Either Esja, Úlfarsfjall, Keilir or Helgafell
  22. Visit the Westman Islands (A great historic place where you can easily spot puffins too)
  23. Visit Reynisfjara (The Black Beach)  and Vík ….. Here you can see Reynisdrangar too!
  24. See the Imagine Peace Tower in Viðey Island
  25. Visit Stokksnes and see Hvítserkur during Low Tide
  26. Ice skate on the pond in Reykjavik during winter
  27. Experience New Years in Reykjavik and see fireworks
  28. Spend a whole night wandering around Reykjavik looking at some awesome street art!
  29. Go for a show or a concert in Harpa Concert Hall
  30. Think about life by Fjaðrárgljúfur
  31. Go for a standup show in an old Icelandic café house or bar
  32. Go on an Icelandic football match (HUHH!) (The Smallest nation in the world to enter the European championship in 2016. And we did pretty well too!)
  33. Explore parts of Iceland on a quad bike
  34. Try Ice climbing
  35. Go River Rafting
  36. Try snowmobiling on a Glacier
  37. Experience the Icelandic Gay Pride (Roughly 2/3 of the whole nation celebrate!)
  38. Visit the Settlement Exhibit, the Saga Museum, and Volcano house
  39. Think about life by Kerið Crater
  40. Stay in a Buubble Accommodation! (Too good to be true. A 5 million star accommodation!)
  41. See a Volcano Erupt (Pro tip. To check if there are any eruptions going on, check out this site here.  The questions say: Is there an eruption going on? If there is an eruption, the “nei” (e.no) will turn to “já” (e.yes).
  42. Circle around Reykjavik and find hidden gems located in between those colorful houses
  43. Buy something used in the Flea Market
  44. Take a skinny dip in the purest water in the World, Silfra (The water is so pure, the only thing that thrives there is algae!)
  45. Think about life by the Sun Voyager
  46. Spend a long summer day drinking beer at Austurvöllur (The Park in Reykjavik)
  47. Take a footbath by Grótta with an Ice-Cream
  48. Visit Landmannalaugar
  49.  Jump into Brimketill
  50. See Skaftafell Ice Cave
  51. See Mælifell Volcano
  52. Have a Tomato Soup in Friðheimar (The Kardashians made this spot famous. The soup is excellent.)
  53. Hike to reach Glymur in Hvalfjörður
  54. Visit the famous hot dog stand (We can take you there in our Foodie Walk )
  55. Visit the Penis museum in Reykjavik (The only penis museum in the world that keeps a human penis)
  56. See Dyrhólaey (A great spot for puffins)plane wreck

    Things to do in West Iceland

  57. Hike to reach Hornstrandir (The northernmost peninsula of Iceland, often considered one of the most beautiful places of Iceland. It only takes around 1 week to reach there by foot. And one week back.)
  58. Visit Snæfellsnes Peninsula (The Glacier, The Lava, Kirkjufell Mountain, The cave… the list goes on and on. You simply can’t miss out on this area!)
  59. See Dynjandi Waterfall
  60. Fly to Ísafjörður and experience some intense flight approaching for landing.

    Things to do in North Iceland

  61. Explore the geothermal area by Námafjall (By Mývatn)
  62. Visit Akureyri (The second biggest city of Iceland)
  63. Visit Mývan in the North (Don’t miss out on Grjótagjá, Mývatn Natural Baths, and Dimmuborgir)
  64. Visit Grímsey island in the north (yes, you can go more north)
  65. Visit Krafla

    Things to do in East Iceland

  66. Visit Seyðisfjörður (It has been named one of the most beautiful and peaceful towns on earth!)
  67. Think about life by Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon)
  68. Experience Bræðslan music festival and L.ung.A art festival (Borgarfjörður Eystri)
  69. Eat Lobster in Höfnglacier lagoon in iceland

    Things to do all over in Iceland

  70. Go Whale Watching
  71. Ride a horse through a beautiful scenery
  72. Eat as much Icelandic Food as possible
  73. The best way to do this is to join our awesome Foodie Walk 
  74. See the Northern Lights
  75. Camp in nature and sleep in a tent! (The perfect summer activity!)
  76. Roadtrip in a Campervan
  77. Hitch Hike
  78. It’s perfectly safe!
  79. Spend some time in the highlands
  80. Go inside of a volcano
  81. Try and see as many waterfalls as possible!!Seljalandafoss waterfall, Háifoss Waterfall, Skógarfoss Waterfall, Dynjandi Waterfall, Goðafoss waterfall and Svartifoss Waterfall
  82. Visit as many natural hot springs as possible.
  83. Go snowboarding or skiing in Iceland
  84. The closest mountain to Reykjavik is Bláfjöll Mountains. Season is from January – April)
  85. Visit an Icelandic Swimming Pool
  86. There are so many swimming pools in Iceland you wouldn’t believe!!
  87. Experience 24 hours of sunlight (Summer, summer, summer <3)
  88. Go fishing
  89. Try some Icelandic traditional cakes and pastries (Such as Hjónabandssæla and Ástapungur)
  90. Shop a real Icelandic design piece of clothing
  91. Take a helicopter ride over IcelandGo on a tinder date with a localSleep in a real Icelandic summer house / spend some time in a hut in the middle
  92. of nowhere
  93. Wait in a queue for an ice cream like the locals do
  94. The most well-behaved cue in the country!
  95. Try as much Icelandic beer and liquors as possible– especially the Black Death Snaps!
  96. See an elf (Do the activity number 95 first)
  97. Go caving
  98. Build a Cairn
  99. Sit in silence (Over 80% of the country remains uninhabited. Can you imagine the peace?)
  100. Go for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean (Especially by Nauthólsvík beach in Reykjavík. Relax in the hot tub afterward!)
  101. Go surf in the Atlantic Ocean (One of the best waves in the world!)
  102. Take a Selfie with some famous Icelandic artist (Bumping into a OMAM, Björk or Sigurrós member out on the streets is nothing unusual)
  103. Play with the wind and go windsurfing or Kite Surfing (Iceland has quite intense winds!)
  104. Experience Iceland in all seasons
  105. Experience an earthquake
  106. See a rainbow in Iceland! (You know nothing about rainbows until you have seen one in Iceland)
  107. Learn complex Icelandic words (Eyjafjallajökull. Say it.)
  108. Experience an Icelandic local pre-party and after party
  109. Make your own wool sweater
  110. Rent one of those white 4×4 Land Rover Defender jeeps and take a photo of it for your Instagram somewhere in the wild
  111. Pick blueberries (August-mid September)
  112. Eat as much licorice and chocolate as possible
  113. Circle the Whole Island on a bicycle!
  114. Read some good quality Icelandic comic by Hugleikur Dagsson
  115. Write your own book (On average, one of every 10  Icelanders publish a book sometime in their lives)
  116. Return to Iceland to work for a summer <3
    A photo by David Marcu. unsplash.com/photos/VfUN94cUy4o


There are SO may things to do and see in Iceland and you are always going to visit again after your first visit, we guarantee it! Our dear friend. We hope your stay will be as pleasant as it possibly can be! We at Wake up Reykjavik LOVE making memories with our awesome visitors so please don’t hesitate to pop us a message to help plan your trip!

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