About Us


We at Wake Up Reykjavik think of ourselves as the funnest travel company in Iceland, run by best friends and a small team of awesome locals. Our vision is to create unforgettable local experiences for all our guests as we explore Reykjavik through food, beer and nightlife. We always keep our groups small to ensure a personal experience as we get to know our hometown like the locals.

Wake Up Reykjavik was founded in early 2014 and we soon got known for our awesome Reykjavik Bar Crawl that get’s people together every weekend as we experience a perfect night out in Reykjavik with friends from all over the world. We also got global recognition for planning wild Bachelor parties in and around Reykjavik.

In 2015 we added our today's signature tour to the catalog with a blast, the Reykjavik Food Walk tour and it is safe to say that it is by far the most delicious tour in Iceland. Today, it is the no.1 rated tour in Iceland on Trip Advisor. We also host the ultra week-night out,  the Reykjavik Beer Tour. As the name suggest, you are now able to explore our beautiful Reykjavik and get to know everything about our vibrant beer culture at the same time. Sounds dangerous but we cannot recommend this experience highly enough!

First and foremost, we are here to help every fun traveller that is on his way to Iceland to make the absolute most out of the long awaited Iceland holiday. Join our local tours to explore Reykjavik in the funnest way possible, meet new friends and get to know our true culture by experiencing it first hand.



Owner / Co-founder

Look at Dan once, and you will never forget that beard. When he’s not being a founder and a CEO of Wake Up Reykjavik, he likes spending his time wrestling and fighting in cages like well behaved Vikings do. Dan has a temper of a Buddhist monk and likes spending his time hiking unexplored grounds resulting with the nickname of “Hiker Dan”.

After years of experience in the restaurant & bar industry, Dan founded Wake Up Reykjavik in 2014 and the brand and all our guests have everything to thank to his limitless dedication in letting travellers experience the real Reykjavik.

Special skill: HTML coding and relationship advices. But above all all: One heck of a storyteller!


Owner / Co-founder

The Ying to Daniels Yang, here we introduce a man with a lot of charm, charisma, and wit who also shares the CEO seat along with hiker Dan. A country boy with a physical figure equivalent to Hercules who found his way Reykjavik to pursue his wildest dreams, is now living large and taking charge with miss Iceland on his left lap and their chihuahua on right.

Egill is a man of many talents such as doing back flips on snowboards, collecting ridiculous hats from all over the world but the most important growing talent is definitely his ping pong skill which is currently going through the roof.

Special skill: His Asian accent is on point. Also, he can deep throat a banana, no problem.


Queen of emails & social media

​Our super awesome office queen by day, a full blown over talented make up artist by night. On her resumé she wrote “I’m very punctual and organized…” but who doesn’t say that on their resumé, right? Well, we found out that she is actually incredibly punctual and organized to much embarrassment to the rest of us at the office.

This happy and funny soul with a super big heart has graced us all with her warm presence and giddy laughs and it has definitely been delivering straight to our customers as well. One of the most awesome traits about this incredibly gorgeous chick is definitely the fact that she is ALWAYS up for fun and new challenges, making her the perfect playmate at the team.

Special skill: Not only does Beta manage the Wake Up operation with a smile but she is also one of the most active users on Tinder in Iceland.


​Queen of emails and social media

Sædís not only competes in Iron Man, is a rising social media influencer and has the coolest natural hair in Iceland but she is also one of our two office goddesses who interacts with our awesome guests from all over the world! A big gadget nerd by heart and barely seen out of the house without her camera, Sædís also makes sure our Social media is on point by being our visual content creator so you folks can see how pretty our country is!

This hyperactive super chick strikes you as a total badass, with her mountain bikes and that backpack filled with all kinds of gadgets that she carries around everywhere (Seriously, what’s in that backpack?), but strike a conversation about gong meditations or spiritual healers, and she’s all yours. She’s just a soul searching hippie like the rest of us!

Special skill: Awesome egg sandwiches, one of the best female ping pong players in Iceland and a mad drone pilot.

viðar a.k.a. woody

King of Bar Crawls

Iceland doesn’t have any tall buildings but Woody makes up for it. Yes, this gentleman is 209 cm in height. Now when that’s out of the way, let's talk about the other amazing things about this guy! Woody is our party ambassador and has a smile that will totally melt your heart. Woody is the other engineering student in our group but has also been in all existing party-gathering-social committees available in UNI. Oh, let’s not forget that he has been voted as the “scientist of the year” AND the “Buddy of the year” for his fantastic work of guiding! And just to wrap it up, he politely refused to be a coach for Dale Carnegie to join our Wake up Team!

Special skill: His dancing moves. Seriously, where do they come from?


Foodie Guide

Everyone needs a little bit of Bára in their lives. We are so happy we found this happy sunshine to join our team. With her big smile and fanatic loud laughs, Bára has been touching lives and hearts wherever she goes, especially ours! Bára is the captain of the good vibe train and that train is speeding FAST through the streets of Reykjavik! Bára is a talent magnet, starting with being a full-blown actress, a singer, a record holding and award winning spokeswoman and a total world traveler. Bára looks super cute and will definitely get far in life just on her smiles but be aware, she also practices kickboxing and will probably be the next Bruce Lee. So watch out.

Special skill: Apart from that one skill she shares with Egill (read above), she can make the most depressed person jump out of his/her own misery and concur life again. That’s how positive this chick is. Just read our Trip Advisor if you need proof!


Foodie Guide

If there is anyone on our team who lives and breathes food, then it’s definitely our grand beloved Marín! She has been with us from the beginning and we love her! She is an expert chef and can answer any possible question you might have on the amazing Icelandic foodie scene!

Marín is from the far north of Iceland and she would definitely be more than happy to share some next level local secrets about hot spots in the north if you are interested!

Furthermore, she is a true world traveller & her Viking spirit has brought her around the world and back. 

Special skill: Walking on empire state building in

high heels.


Foodie Guide

Warning: Alexandra might just be the sweetest person of everyone in the Wake Up team. This super likeable and funny blond damsel is a mother to a baby girl, an expert camper in the wild Icelandic nature and her friendly spirit blows everyone away!

Alexandra is not only a big happy guru  and a foodie guide at Wake Up Reykjavik but she also lives a double life and is a talented designer at night.

Special skill: Alexandra knits the most beautiful Icelandic wool sweaters, hats and gloves. How cool is that?


Foodie Guide

This tall, blue-eyed babe station is definitely the adrenaline bomb of the team! Gabriela is an engineering student, a cold water swimming addict and a true foodie by heart who has absolutely been killing on our Reykjavik Food Tours! This super socializing creature will become your new best friend within seconds. Gabriela might even take you to the cold water beach if you ask her nicely!

Special skill: Running late but that would be fashionably late, of course.


​King of Beer Tours & Foodie Guide

Where to begin with this all around local legend? Hákon passed on a professional golf career to pursue his dream of becoming the king of Beer Tour with us at Wake Up Reykjavik.

He calls Ísafjörður home as he is originally from the remote and insanely beautiful capital of the Westfjords. Hákon is our no. 1  Beer expert as he is a true beer lover with lots of experience both behind some of the best bars in Reykjavik ... and at the bars, exploring the most exciting micro brews from all around the country.

But he is not less of a foodie so lucky guests for our Reykjavik Food tour might also be blessed by his guidance.

Special skill: He can eat 13 cuisines in a Reykjavik Food tour, drink 10 beers in our Reykjavik Beer tour and still beat you at golf.


Foodie guide, beer expert & overall party animal!

Our most recent member in our talented team of local legends is Þórður, or 'Thor' as he is often called because of his majestic Viking looks and his the hammer that he occasionally carries around Reykjavik.

In despite of his Viking roots, this world traveller has spent a long time in Russia, resulting in a wide understanding in different cultures and being fluent in Russian.

During winter Thor goes to the distinguished School of Arts in Iceland where he is kicking ass in becoming an actor. We know it first hand that he is an upcoming superstar in Iceland and Hollywood should already start to watch out. If that isn't enough, he also sings like an angel and is a part of a local acapella group. 

Special Skill: Thor is actually so talented in many different things that we think he might be a Russian spy ...


Foodie guide

​You won't find many people in this world that smile & laugh as much as Júlíana!

This badass gal is a fully licensed guide from the Icelandic school of tourism, a dedicated diver and she is currently wrapping up the last few exams before she officially becomes a pilot! So, you better be nice to her on your food tour, since she just might be your pilot when you visit Iceland again in the future.

Lastly and most importantly, Júlíana is one of our brightest stars in the Reykjavik Food tour team. 

Special skill: She has the most contagious laughter you will ever come across and she knows every single song with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


​Office Joker, ping pong player & ambassador of good vibes

​A few dedicated Star Wars fans in our awesome Wake Up team adopted this sad Stormtrooper just to cheer him up a few years ago and he has sticked with us ever since.

He & his fellow troops from the Death Star have remained unemployed after the original death star was destroyed in 1977 by the young pilot Luke Skywalker who was really strong with the Force.

Today, the Stormtrooper is all cheered up and happy and he is the office joker at Wake Up Reykjavik. Furthermore, if anyone is in need for a quick stress release - Then he is always up for a good ping pong game. 

Special Skill: Great and embarrassing inside stories from the dark side.