133 reviews
133 reviews
Downtown Reykjavik

Tour highlights

  • Pick up from Reykjavík
  • The South Coast (Seljalandsfoss, Skógarfoss and Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach)
  • Vatnajökull, the Largest Glacier in Europe
  • Jökulsárlón (the Glacier Lagoon)
  • The Diamond Beach
  • Optional Glacier Hike on Falljökull glacier
  • Stay at a Local Guesthouse included (with Breakfast)

Tour Details

  • Availability:
    Please note this tour is only available from April 16th - September 27th
  • Price for Single Room (min age 10 years):
    89,990 ISK per person
  • Price for Double Room (min age 10 years):
    79,990 ISK per person
  • Price for Triple Room (min age 10 years):
    69,990 ISK per person
  • Included in the tour:
    Incredible sightseeing and activities in a Small Group with an Expert Guide, a night at Guesthouse with Breakfast, All necessary Safety Gear and Optional Outdoor Clothing.
  • Pick Up:
    From Reykjavík starting at 8:30 am

Tour description

Are you coming to Iceland and looking to make most of your time here? Then this 2 day adventure packed tour of the South Coast area is a must do for you!

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Guðný Ljósbrá (Good-knee)
Guðný Ljósbrá (Good-knee), Owner / Co-founder


This tour brings together 2 highlights that everyone who visits Iceland want's to experience! To see the Glacier Lagoon and to walk on a Glacier! And who would not want to experience that!?

With this tour, you are truly maximizing your experience here in Iceland and doing it in the smartest way. Since you will be with a small group and a trusted tour guide who will take you to all the spots you MUST see on the South Coast of Iceland!

It also gives you the chance to customize the tour a bit, since if you are not feeling up for a Glacier Hike, you can also just do a scenic walk of the Vatnajökull Glacier Park! How perfect?

So if you are looking for the best ways to spend 2 days in Iceland, look no furthers than this tour!

133 reviews
Wake Up Reykjavik Tour Review by Silvia G
Silvia G
Breathtaking beauty of Iceland

Wow! Booking this tour was the best decision! We had an amazing guide who told us many interesting things about Iceland. Canyon and ice cave hike were highlights of our two day trip. 100% recommended.

Wake Up Reykjavik Tour Review by Charlie
A trip of a lifetime. This tour was fantastic!

The two day trip was nothing short of amazing. We loved every second! Firstly, our guide was fun, friendly and knowledgable. Being a small group, he was able to still keep it personable for each guest. The bus was super comfortable - lots of room to stretch out and quite a bit of storage too. We were blessed with some fantastic weather (albeit a little cold…) which made for some very scenic drives. We were entertained the entire way, and not once were we bored of some of the long-ish drives. We were able to tick off the majority of our bucket list places in Iceland on this tour. The glacier hike was out of this world!

Wake Up Reykjavik Tour Review by Fish J
Fish J
Fantastic 2 day tour with glacier hiking

The 2-day trip I embarked on was an absolutely extraordinary experience, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Throughout the journey, we had the privilege of witnessing numerous magnificent waterfalls and glaciers, adding to the awe-inspiring nature of the adventure. Our guide proved to be an invaluable asset, consistently offering us an effective travel route that ensured we made the most of our time, even when faced with challenging weather conditions. He skillfully adjusted the itinerary, adeptly avoiding crowded tourist groups and adverse weather, which allowed us to appreciate the beauty of Iceland without unnecessary disruptions. Or guides expertise extended beyond navigating the terrain; he also imparted his profound knowledge of both the natural wonders and the rich historical heritage of Iceland. The tour was such a great and fruitful adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Refund / Cancellation Policy
    Should you need do cancel this tour a cancellation fee of 10% will be charged. If you cancel with a 7 day notice or less a cancellation fee of 50% is charged and if you cancel with a 2 day notice or less a cancellation fee of 100% is charged.
  • How many travellers are in each tour?
    This tour offers a personal and small group experience aboard a 12-seater minibus. Each tour accommodates a maximum of 12 guests, though the actual number of participants may be lower.
  • What's included in this experience?
    This includes a fully guided small group tour in English where you will see all the best sights that the South of Iceland has to offer! You will see the Seljalandsfoss, Skógarfoss, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach and more sights on the South Coast! You will also visit the beautiful Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach. You are able to do an optional Glacier Hike! All gear needed for the Glacier Hike is provided as well as outer wear (rain proof clothing and hiking shoes) should you needed it. Also included is a night at Lilja guesthouse (or similar guest house if Lilja is closed) and breakfast the morning of the second day. How fun!
  • What if the weather is bad during my travel dates, will that effect my tour?
    The weather here in Iceland can vary, so should the conditions not look favorable for the tour our partners would reach out to you and try and offer an alternative date, should you be unable to join at another time you would get a full refund! Due note that all Glacier Tours are completely dependent on weather. Sometimes they have to be cancelled at short notice due to strong winds or warm, wet weather which can create dangerous conditions. Your safety is our top priority, so we will only go on a glacier hike if conditions allow us to do so safely.
  • Is the Glacier Hike difficult?
    The glacier hike is aimed for first timers. It is however good to not that the ice can be steep and uneven in sections. If you struggle with walking for one hour at a good pace or don’t enjoy walking on uneven and sloped ground, then the glacier hike may not be for you. Thankfully, you can opt for more tranquil options on this tour. The steepest sections involve stair like features and slopes. You will be wearing crampons (spikes) on your feet, and full mobility of your ankles and knees is necessary. The glacier hike on this tour is around 2.5–3 hours in total, with around 1.5 hours spent on the glacier ice. The hike covers around 5 km (approx. 2.5 miles). The hike requires a moderate fitness level AND full mobility. Each guide on the trip will make the final decision at the time of the hike. If they refuse to let you on the ice, please know it is purely for the safety of not just you, but also for the rest of the group.
  • Can I rent waterproofs and hiking boots?
    Rain jackets, pants, and hiking boots are provided free of charge; it's recommended to reserve these during booking to ensure availability of your size.
  • Where do you pick up and drop off? Can I be dropped off outside the downtown area?
    Due to traffic restrictions for tour operators in residency areas in Reykjavík, we are unfortunately unable to pick up directly from some accommodation and hotels and must use designated pick up locations provided by the City of Reykjavík. If you are unsure which one is the nearest pickup location to where you are staying, please just let me know the name of the hotel or address and I can assign you the nearest pickup point.
  • What is not included?
    Lunch and dinner are not included in the price of this tour, but we will allocate time to stop at our favorite cafés and restaurants along the way, as well as some shops to stock up on snacks. You can also bring your own!
  • What should I bring with me on this tour?
    Lunches and dinners are not included, but we will stop at places where you can purchase them additionally! You are allowed welcome to bring your snacks and drinks. Also be sure to bring along waterproof jackets and pants for the unpredictable Icelandic weather. You must also have strong, waterproof hiking boots that go above your ankle in order to wear the crampons (spikes) that are required on the glacier. Hiking boots, waterproof jackets and pants are available to hire, free of charge, but must be reserved ahead of the tour to confirm availability. Make sure to order in the booking process!
  • How much luggage can I bring with me?
    For this overnight tour, we ask our guests to limit the luggage if possible. There is luggage space in the back of the vehicle which can store luggage for all clients on a sold-out tour if small to medium size suitcases. We can sometimes fit 1-2 larger suitcases, but that depends on the total number of guests on the tour and how much luggage they bring. The hotels in Reykjavík are very accommodating and offer luggage storage for their guests while on overnight tours such as this one.
  • Ok, I'm in. Now what?
    Fantastic! We have a feeling that you'll absolutely this adventure. To secure your tickets, you'd simply press the orange 'Book Now / Check Availability' button: Select how many are in your group, choose your dates and fill in the details to complete the booking - super simple! (We recommend booking with as much notice as possible)

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Price: 79,990 ISK