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Northern Lights in Iceland Winter
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175 reviews
175 reviews
Departs from reykjavik

Tour highlights

  • Northern Lights
  • Small Group Experience
  • Going off the Beaten Path
  • Hot Chocolate and Icelandic Pastries During Tour 
  • Wool blankets to keep warm & Free Wifi On Mini Bus
  • Please Note: A decision whether we run the tour or not is made every day before 18:00

Tour Details

  • Tour start time:
    21:00 or 22:00 depending on which month you book.
  • Pick-up start time:
    30 minutes before departure.
  • Duration:
    The tour is 4 hours in total.
  • Availability:
    From September 1 - April 15
  • Don't see Northern Lights? :
    No problem! We offer you as many retries as you need as long as there is availability!

Tour description

The Northern Lights are an incredible natural phenomenon and we definitely understand why this is on the top of the to-do list for so many of our guests. For the highest possible chance of experiencing the aurora, it can be a fantastic idea to do a guided tour, as you will be led by a local Northern Lights expert into the night.

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Daníel Andri, Owner / Co-founder


If you've made your way all the way to Iceland - then I believe it's a MUST for you to experience the magical Northern Lights.

But finding the Northern Lights can be tricky, which is why I recommend all travelers and friends on their way to Iceland to book this tour. Since you'll have a northern lights expert monitoring the forecast and will take you to the spot each particular night which has the highest chance of seeing the breathtaking Northern Lights in all their glory - a truly once in a lifetime experience.

175 reviews
Do it! Do it! DO IT!

Where to begin! We booked a few different tours, that included a northern lights trip, the golden circle and south coast. All these trips were fantastic. Jon was brilliant and so knowledgeable on the Northern lights tour and our very own “Queen Bee” Berglind was just amazing. So knowledgeable, funny and kind! Highly recommend anyone to anyone visiting Iceland to book these tours - you won’t be disappointed!

Finally saw the Northern Lights!

The tour was excellent. Seeing the northern lights has been on my bucket list for so many years - and WOW, what an adventure. Our tour guide Thor who was so knowledgable about Iceland knew exactly where the Northern Lights were going to be. This was such a fun experience that I’ve recommended to all my friends coming to Iceland!

If you're in Iceland during winter - BOOK THIS!

I can't say enough great things about this tour! We had Thor as our guide. We started our tour at the Aurora museum where they showed me how to capture the northern lights on my camera. We then set out for adventure! Thor knew exactly where to take our group and even had warm Icelandic coco and pastries to enjoy while seeing the lights! I highly recommend anyone visiting Iceland during the winter to experience this!

Frequently Asked Questions

    Full Refund / Cancellation Policy
    If there are any changes to your trip to Iceland, it's always possible to either put your booking on hold (bookings never expire) or reschedule to your new travel dates. We also offer full refunds if you cancel your booking with more than 24 hours prior to your tour :) All bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the tour departure are not refundable. If the tour is operated then a refund is no longer possible. However, if you don't see the lights on the tour, you will have unlimited retries to rebook again until you see them.
    Covid-19 - Are the tours running?
    Yes! All tours are still running so you do not need to worry about your tour having been cancelled! We are super excited to see you on our tours! For more information see the FAQ below.
    What is the Covid-19 safety status in Iceland?
    In Iceland we have an extremely high vaccination rate, with 90% of the population over 12 years of age having been vaccinated. The booster shots are also a long way along. We therefore think that travelling to Iceland is one of the safest destinations that you can find. All of our guides have been vaccinated and are very frequently tested. We only offer small group experiences which ensures as much safety as possible. In the driving tours, we have a maximum capacity of 19 people. On average we have around 5-10 guests on these driving tours. There are also masks and rubbing alcohol available in the cars for your safety and others. For more information on the Covid situation in Iceland, please visit www.covid.is - the official Covid website in Iceland.
    Is seeing the Northern lights guaranteed?
    The lights are a natural phenomenon and beyond our control. They are visible in Iceland from late August through April but visibility is subject to light activity and cloud coverage We cannot guarantee sightings but have an amazing team that will try their absolute best to find the perfect spot for you to see them :)
    Can I book a private tour?
    Yes, it is of course possible to arrange a private tour! Private tours are very popular with larger groups of friends and families. You can find the link to it here: www.wakeupreykjavik.com/tour/northern-lights-private
    How big are the groups?
    We offer a small group experience on all of our tours. No group is larger than 19 and we offer masks and rubbing alcohol in the car. This ensures your safety and fun on the tours without having to worry!
    What sort of vehicle is used on the tour?
    We use 19-seater Mercedes Sprinters - with big leather seats. It’s a great way to travel around Icelandic nature! You will not be disappointed with this luxury ride. There are no large 70 seater coaches.
    What if we don´t see the lights, can we go again?
    If the tour is operated then a refund is no longer possible. However, if you don't see the lights on the tour, you will have unlimited retries to rebook again until you see them. In order to re-book your tour, please contact the tour operators directly at your earliest convenience :)
    When does pick up start?
    The tour starts at 9:00pm or 10:00pm (depending on what month you book). Pick up starts 30 minutes prior. Please be ready at your designated pick up spot and we hope you have an amazing time on the tour :)
    Will the tour be cancelled if the lights are not visible?
    A decision whether we run the tour or not is made every day before 18:00. If the conditions are poor and it is unlikely to see the lights they cancel the tour. Then you have the option of either getting a full refund or rebook for another night that suits you best without any additional cost.
    When will I know if the lights will be visible?
    Here in Iceland, we have a pretty good Northern Lights forecast that shows us 3 days ahead, that is the most reliable one but even with that one, seeing the lights can be very tricky and sometimes we don´t know until the day off if we will be able to see it or not.
    When should I book this tour?
    This tour is highly likely to sell out so we recommend booking sooner rather than later. Regarding what time during your vacation you should book, we recommend booking this tour early on in your trip, that way you are maximizing your chances of seeing the lights to the fullest and if you are not lucky on your first evening, you have the rest of your stay to re-try :)

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