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105 reviews
Reykjavík central

Tour highlights

  • A spectacular Northern Lights hunt with an expert
  • Going off the beaten path
  • Coffee, hot chocolate and kleina, the classic Icelandic pastry!
  • Private luxurious Mercedes Sprinter Bus
  • Free Wi:Fi and blankets on the bus
  • Please Note: A decision whether we run the tour or not is made every day before 18:00

Tour Details

  • Availability:
    From September 1 to April 30
  • Duration:
    Approximately 3-4 hours
  • Price :
    The base price of this tour is 160,000 ISK and then increases per person.
  • Vehicle:
    For 1-6 guests the tour will be operated in either a Mercedes V-class or Ford Transit. For groups of 7+ people it will be a modified 19-seater Mercedes Sprinter.

Tour description

The Northern Lights are an incredible natural phenomenon and we definitely understand why this is on the top of the to-do list for so many of our guests. For the highest possible chance of experiencing the aurora, it can enhance your chances of seeing them by doing a guided tour, as you will be led by a local Northern Lights expert into the night.

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Guðný Ljósbrá (Good-knee)
Guðný Ljósbrá (Good-knee), Owner / Co-founder

Why I think you'll love this tour! 🧡

If you are in Iceland at a time when the northern lights shine their brightest - this should be a top priority.

Spotting the northern lights on your own can be a bit difficult, especially if you do not have a car or the means to travel around and out of the capital area. We have a team of experts that monitor the activity, sky and conditions every day and decide whether or not to go, and where to see the best lights. You will then be driven to the best spot with on of the awesome guides.

Not only do you get the fantastic tour with an expert on scouting for the lights, a great modified Mercedes to ride in with hot-cocoa and a blanket if needed while munching on kleina, the typical Icelandic pastry - but also, by doing this tour, you get all of that as a fully-private experience where you get to decide the pace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Full Refund / Cancellation Policy
    If there are any changes to your trip to Iceland, it's always possible to either put your booking on hold (bookings never expire) or reschedule to your new travel dates. We also offer full refunds if you cancel your booking with more than 24 hours prior to your tour :) All bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the tour departure are not refundable. If the tour is operated then a refund is no longer possible. However, if you don't see the lights on the tour, you will have unlimited retries to rebook again on a scheduled tour until you see them.
  • Covid-19 status | All Tours running without restrictions
    All restrictions have been lifted in Iceland so you will not need to worry about the tour being operated or operated with restrictions! You can just relax and watch the northern lights without worry.
  • Is seeing the Northern lights guaranteed?
    The lights are a natural phenomenon and beyond our control. They are visible in Iceland from late August through April but visibility is subject to electromagnetic activity, light pollution and cloud coverage. We cannot guarantee sightings but have an amazing team that will try their absolute best to find the perfect spot for you to see them. If chances are low of seeing the lights then the tour will most likely be rescheduled for a better day!
  • What sort of vehicle is used on the tour?
    We use an 8-seater Mercedes Sprinter for groups of 1-8 and a 19-seater for groups of 9-19 - both of which boast nice and big leather seats. It’s a great way to travel around Icelandic nature! You will not be disappointed with this luxury ride. There are no large 70 seater coaches.

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Price: From 160,000 ISK