​It's no wonder that Reykjavik is rising to be one of the most popular Bachelor party destinations in the world. 

Iceland is perfect if you want to do something unique, different and out of the beaten path!

Secondly, the Reykjavik nightlife is amazing and famous for being unlike anything else.

Last but not least - where else can you climb glaciers, walk behind waterfalls, chase whales, northern lights or snowmobile on glaciers ... right before you strap on your disco shoes for a night out on the town?

Egill Fannar
Egill Fannar
Last updated: January 01, 2020


In reality, I could go on for days. But here are my top 8 reasons why Reykjavik, Iceland is the perfect travel destination for a one of kind bachelor party weekend.

1. Flights to Iceland are (usually) easy & cheap

Even though Iceland is in the middle of nowhere in the Atlantic ocean - It is still very close to East Coast US, Canada and mainland Europe (5-6 hrs). Even West coast US is not all bad! Flights to and from Iceland have in recent years dropped significantly in price. Mostly thanks to competitive prices from the Icelandic airlines WOW air & Icelandair.

If you are still looking for flights to Iceland, we recommend using the Icelandic flight search engine DoHop.

2. The legendary Reykjavik nightlife

​All the bars & clubs in Reykjavik are on one street called "Laugavegur" (the main shopping street). Therefore, you can in 20 minutes walk by over 80 bars and soak in the Icelandic party scene and choose the right crowd, music & atmosphere you are looking for.

Icelanders are known for throwing great parties and nightclubs in Reykjavik are open until 4.30AM. The two best nightclubs in Reykjavik are Austur & b5.

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3. Amazing Culinary & Bar scene

There are two important factors here:

1. When travelling, it's an absolute must to experience the local cuisine. You learn so much about a new culture by exploring their traditional & popular food. Thankfully, the local cuisine in Iceland is amazing and there is a huge selection of fantastic restaurants in down town Reykjavik.

2. When travelling with a Bachelor group, you want to have restaurants arranged that offer good local food but also in a setting where to group can enjoy being together. Preferably somewhere a little private.

There are 80+ bars and over 300 restaurants in down town Reykjavik. Let us help you choose the right ones!

What to wear for a night out in Reykjavik? Find out Here.

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4. Waterfalls, Mountains & Glaciers.

The real beauty of visiting Reykjavik for your Bachelor weekend is that you have the chance to explore a different world. You are able to go out between wild nights in the club and explore untouched waterfalls, hike mountains, see glaciers & so much more.

We can help you find the best local excursions whether you want to explore waterfalls, erupting geysers, volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers etc.

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5. Adrenaline group activites

If you want to make sure that no one falls asleep while exploring Iceland - There are some pretty crazy adrenaline fuelled activities available too! The most popular ones are:

  • Exploring untouched Icelandic nature & mountains on ATV quad bikes!
  • Snowmobile on Glaciers
  • Glacier hike & ice climbing
  • Snorkle or dive in Silfra fissure

Here are a few photo's from my favorite activities:

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6. Relax & cure hungover in Natural Hot Springs

​Kill two birds with one stone by visiting amazing natural hot springs while in Iceland. This way you will both experience one of our absolute most favourite elements of Iceland - the hot springs - and you will find the single best cure for hungover available!

The Blue Lagoon is without a doubt the most famous one but there are plenty more to choose from. Other recommended pools that are close from Reykjavik are the Secret Lagoon and Laugavatn Fontana. Lastly, there are also 9 geothermal heated swimming pools in Reykjavik city.​

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7. The Icelandic Beer scene is Exploding!

Beer is without a doubt the national drink of Iceland. And since 2006, the micro brewing scene has been absolutely exploding - Making Icelandic beer more exiting than ever!

Today, there are over 10 breweries in the country and the first micro breweries are opening now in the heart of the city. The most popular beers at the moment are unique seasonal brews at small local bars. Everything from White Ales to IPA's and dark stouts.

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8. We'll help you plan your weekend to perfection!

If you plan to visit Reykjavik for a Bachelor party, make sure to get in touch with us HERE with information on when you are coming, how many there will be in your group and what your ideas for the weekend are!

We are the no.1 Bachelor party planner in Iceland and we will do everything we can to make the absolute most of your Reykjavik Bachelor weekend. We costumize itineraries for every group and recommend everything from the best activities, accommodations and natural attractions to the best bars in Reykjavik, restaurants and more.

There is no fee or booking fee for our help!
Find more about Bachelor Parties in Iceland here.

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