This is the ultimate guide to plan your AMAZING Iceland holiday in August.

According to numerous studies,

August is the single best time to visit Iceland.

And as a local, I couldn't agree more. So, if you just booked your tickets, congratulations!

If you want to know more about visiting Iceland in August; such as the average weather, Northern Lights activity in August & the top 10 absolute best things to do ...

​Then you'll love this actionable Iceland in August guide!

Let's get started!

Egill Fannar
Egill Fannar
Last updated: July 08, 2021
Seljalandsfoss during August


Absolutely! August is the last official month of summer in Iceland and the perfect time to be visiting Iceland. Especially if you like adventures, local events and outdoor activities. 

In August, we locals in Iceland try to use every possible opportunity to soak up the sun, warm weather & summer vibes!

July & August are the warmest months of the year, making it a fantastic month for all kinds of adventures and especially camping. I will make sure to share with you the best things to do in August.

There are also tons of amazing things to do (events, festivals etc.) going on all around the country and inside Reykjavik in August. But I will tell you more about these later.


iceland average temperature chart

Along with July, August is the warmest month of the year in Iceland.

The average temperature in August in Iceland lurks around 10-15°C (50-59 F) but we do have the occasional "super-warm" summer days when the temperature can shoot to a whopping 20°C degrees!

And of course, it goes without saying but when that happens, we literally call in sick for work and make sure to spend the entire day out, bathing in the sun!​

But of course, Iceland is still Iceland. You should always expect to encounter some rain here and there + the arctic wind might be lingering around, but still, August is normally not a very wet month.

In August, the hours of daylight are quite normal. In mid June the midnight sun is at it's peak - and the sun doesn't set at all.

But in August there is full daylight for approx. 16 hours every day. Oh, what a bliss!

A few dark hours also creates a nice hope for us to spot ​the Northern Lights in August.

More on that below ...

austurvöllur park during summer

​Austurvöllur park. Central Reykjavik.


In August, you will see locals stroll around Reykjavik wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts. However, I will personally recommend you to prepare much better than that.​

Since it won't be very cold in August, you won't need to bring anything heavy.


But here is quick packing list for what to take with you when visiting Iceland in August:

  • Shorts, t-shirts and light clothing for warm summer days.
  • Something stylish to wear in down town Reykjavik for wandering around town, dinners, events etc.
  • Fleece sweaters, Icelandic wool sweaters or light jackets. Perfect for exploring nature and to wear in the evenings.
  • Something wind and rain proof. Definitely a jacket but pants would be a smart move too! You'll never know what the Icelandic weather has in store for you.
  • Hat & gloves. Better to have it than not, the warmest month in Iceland is not very warm after all.
  • Good hiking shoes to wear as you explore.
  • Swimwear. A MUST! One of the best thing about Iceland are our many swimming pools and natural hot springs. Better come prepared ... or go around skinny dipping all around Iceland.
  • My personal recommendation: I always like to have a base layer / thermal shirt and pants with me. Just in case or to wear underneath. It's just so nice to have that extra layer of comfort!
kirkjufell during august

Snæfellsnes peninsula, N/W Iceland.

​Photo above taken at one of my favorite spots in Iceland, Kirkjufell Mountain, which we visit on our awesome small group Snæfellnes Peninsula tour!


​The short answer is yes!​

​However, August is technically out of the main "Northern Lights season" which is from September-April.

Still, the Northern Lights are seen every year in August.

August is a relatively ​bright month with 16 hours of daylight each day.

And you can't see the Northern Lights unless it is dark.

But with each day in August, it get's darker and your odds of seeing the Northern Lights increase as the month progresses. 

​Therefore, here is my recommendation to you:

  • Don't plan your whole trip around seeing the Northern Lights. Plan your trip to be perfect in every other way. But you can follow this Northern Lights forecast - and IF the lights are active during your stay and you get so lucky to see the aurora borealis. Then it will be a bonus :)
  • Your chance to see the Northern Lights are higher if you visit closer to the end of August and will only be visible after dark!
Northern lights over Kirkjufell

Kirkjufell mountain during night with Northern Lights. Snæfellsnes peninsula, N/W Iceland.


​There are plenty of amazing things to do when visiting Iceland in August!

Here you can find our full list of the best local tours departing from Reykjavik.

​And below I will list a few of my personal favourite tours that I believe are an absolute MUST DO when visiting Iceland in the summer:


cheese tasting in Reykjavik food walk during summer

​The Reykjavik Food Walk is the #1 tour to do in Reykjavik both in my personal opinion but also according to 3.000+ 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor.

reykjavik food walk trip advisor reviews

The Reykjavik Food Walk is a 3-hour food, history and city tour with a local legend. In the tour you walk around down town Reykjavik and should expect to:

  • ​Truly experience Reykjavik & see all the highlights of the city.
  • Visit 5-6 authentic local restaurants.
  • Have 10+ amazing Icelandic cuisines.
  • Learn our stories, traditions and make new friends :)

The Reykjavik Food Walk is perfect if you want to experience the real Reykjavik and of course,
if you like food, you'll be in heaven!

Travellers recommend that you do the Reykjavik Food Walk on your first day, or early in your trip.

Click here for more info and tickets to the Reykjavik Food Walk.


skogafoss during summer

INCREDIBLE waterfalls, a gigantic black sand beach, crazy lava formations, small coastal towns, glaciers & more ... You might even got a chance to see puffins!

​What makes Iceland so truly special is our beautiful & untouched nature.

Therefore, exploring Iceland's natural wonders should definitely be at the top of your Iceland to-do list. ​With that being said, you might want to begin your journey by taking on the absolutely breathtaking South Coast of Iceland.

The attractions I mentioned above definitely speak for themselves - but while visiting Iceland in August you might also get a chance to spot the famous Atlantic puffins! Puffins always nest in the cliffs on the South Coast but usually migrate in the end of August.

Sounds like fun? Then you will love this tour around the South Coast.

This is actually one of my personal favourite area to explore in Iceland. It is packed with amazing natural attractions and it is super easily to access from Reykjavik - you can explore it in a day trip from the city.​

​Find your (small group) Iceland South Coast tour here.


puffins in iceland during summer

Would you like to make friends with Icelandic whales & puffins?

The peak season for whales & puffins in Iceland is from May-August. And I recommend you to use the opportunity well and try to make friends with these most beautiful creatures on earth.​

​Reykjavik is one of the best locations in Europe to see whales - and Iceland is the home of 8-10 million puffins each year!

​Here are 2 highly recommended Puffin and/or Whale tours:

1. Best Puffin Tour in Iceland: Everyone wants to see the incredibly beautiful Atlantic puffin. This tour gets you closer to the puffins than any other tour in Iceland!​

​2. Whale Watching from Reykjavik: Sail out at one of the best locations in Europe for breathtaking views, whales, dolphins and birdlife. Departing from the heart of Reykjavik!

​PS. It is very popular to do a Whale and Puffin tour in the morning - and to join the
Reykjavik Food Walk in the afternoon!


blog image

Yes, Iceland has a new volcano and yes, it is absolutely incredible!

This is an activity that will be available in August 2021. Experts have no idea how long the volcano will be active - so I'll update this blog post once it's no longer erupting lava into the air but for now it is! So if you're coming to Iceland in August, this will be a MUST.

You might remember the volcano that erupted in Iceland in 2010 which we called 'Eyjafjallajökull' ... I know, super easy to pronounce.

We decided to give our new volcano a much simpler / easy to pronounce name.

"Geldingardalsgos í Fagradalsfjalli" ... pretty easy, right?

Anyway, we have an awesome small group tour that departs from downtown Reykjavik, visits the volcano area (approx. 30-40 minutes away) where you'll then hike to this incredible volcano. The hike itself is 1,5 hours each direction.

I can't stress this enough - this is a once in a lifetime experience to see!

Click here for more info on our Active Volcano tour.


gullfoss during summer

​The enormous Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir the erupting hot spring (image above), Thingvellir national park and more ... simply a must do!

​The single most popular tour in Iceland, and for a good reason. Explore the highlights of Icelandic nature in the best ‘see it all, do it all’ tour from Reykjavik!

Just outside Reykjavik - and in only a few hours you can see "all the highlights of Iceland". The Golden Circle is recommended by everyone that have visited Iceland. There is simply nothing like it.

Learn More:Here is the best Golden Circle tour that I recommend.


blog image

​Go for a true adventure!

​Did you think you could only visit Glaciers in the winter? Think again, because the summer is the absolute best time to explore the glaciers if you ask me.

This tour takes you to Langjökull glacier, a heaven made of ice that is approx. 1,5 hours away from Reykjavik. From there you will gear up and explore the majestic Icelandic glacier in the most fun way possible!

Find your glacier adventure here.

We also a a brilliant super jeep tour that combines Snowmobiling on Langjökull with the Golden Circle. It's the perfect full-day mix of sightseeing and adventure. I'll link to that here if you'd like to check it out.


​When looking up the best things to do in Iceland, I always recommend my friends to research what events or festivals are going on. And luckily for you, August might actually be the best month of the year for festivals!

Iceland is super awesome in August and some of our largest festivals of the year take place this month. And here below, I will share with you my favourites.


blog image

One of the largest festival in Iceland takes place in the beautiful Westman Islands during the first weekend of August. And if you ask me, I'll tell you that this is the single greatest festival in Iceland!

This festival and many more around Iceland take place during a weekend that is called Verslunarmannahelgin (Shopkeepers holiday), which is the weekend before first Monday in August. ​This weekend tends to be the most popular weekend each year for locals in Reykjavik to escape the city, do road trips and camp with friends - and celebrate the last days of summer.

​Þjóðhátið is a huge music festival, held in the incredibly beautiful Westman islands. Around 15.000 locals join the party every year and make sure to sing, drink & dance like never before from Thursday-Monday.​

The main events include some of Iceland's most beloved music bands & artists, fireworks, games, competitions and huge bonfires that surround the whole valley where the festival is held. 

​The Westman Islands can be seen from the South Coast of Iceland and the best way to get there is via Herjólfur, the local ferry. It is also possible to book direct flights from Reykjavik airport. If thinking about joining the festival, please keep in mind that ferry tickets usually get sold out months in advance and staying in the Westman Islands is usually only possible with camping.


blog image

​But the Shopkeepers holiday is not only celebrated in the Westman Islands ...

All around Iceland are vibrant festivals, each with their very own niche. For those staying in Reykjavik for the weekend, then Innipúkinn is the main event!

Held in down town Reykjavik, you should expect a full weekend of music, music & more music!


blog image

Reykjavik is a truly colourful city, but try visiting Reykjavik during Gay pride!
There is nothing like it ...

Gay Pride in Iceland is hands down one of the biggest events in Iceland of the year!

Over 100.000 locals come together (yes, you read that correctly! Approx. 1/3 of the population) and celebrate the LGBT community with parades, arts, music, and glitter.

Locals often paint the streets in rainbow colours and set up flags and posters. We often do this around 1 week before the actual celebration day, just to make the celebration last a tiny bit longer – it’s that fun! Yes, there are concerts and of course, the wildest parties ever during this celebration!

Gay Pride Reykjavik 2019 is held from August 8th - 17th. With the main event on August 17th.​

​If you are in Iceland during Gay Pride, I recommend you to plan to have a Reykjavik day!

You can do Whale Watching in the morning, Reykjavik Food Walk in the afternoon where you will soak in even more of the festival - and enjoy the music in the evening!


blog image

The Icelandic Culture Night (“Menningarnótt” in Icelandic) is another HUGE August festival in Reykjavik. Menningarnótt is always held on the second or third Saturday in August, with dates changing from year to year. The big day in 2021 is Saturday, August 21st. ​

This is when the whole city turns into a big culture hub, with art shows, music concerts and events literally all day, all around Reykjavik.

​All day you will find numerous events taking place everywhere around Reykjavik. Everything from music, art exhibitions, shows, poetry and more. The best part, everything is free. Even the museums in Reykjavik open their doors for everyone to enjoy :)

The highlight of Menningarnótt is in the evening when huge concerts take place in front of Arnarhóll hill and fireworks light up the sky form Harpa, music & conference hall.​

Last but not least ...


blog image


​There is no activity more of a local thing to do in Reykjavik than visiting our absolutely fantastic public swimming pools.

​In Reykjavik there are 10+ swimming pools and in the whole country there are more than 70!

Each pools usually has at least one regular swimming pool (don't worry, they are heated), one or more saunas and plenty of jacuzzis or hotpots. Some visit to swim while other just visit the hot tubs and chat with other pool guests.

​Personally, I visit 2-5 times every week with friends or alone. And my own favourite combo is to swim, rest in the sauna and finally hop into a freezing cold ice bath that most pools also have!

​The three most popular pools in Reykjavik, that are all close to down town Reykjavik are Laugardalslaug (image above), Sundhöll Reykjavíkur (right in down town, close to Hallgrímskirkja church) and finally, Vesturbæjarlaug.

​All the pools are easy to find, ask the next local you find. Furthermore, it is a super cheap activity and cost 950 ISK per adult/150 ISK per children. However, if you plan to visit a few times, you could buy a return visit card and get up to 50% discount.


blog image

My second best local recommendation is to enjoy the amazing food that Reykjavik has to offer.

One of my most favourite places to eat in Reykjavik is Hlemmur Mathöll.

​Hlemmur is an old bus station that was recently renovated and turned into an amazing Icelandic food court. Today, you will find 10 amazing restaurants in Hlemmur, all offering their own specialities.

My favourite restaurant in Hlemmur Mathöll is "Skál" and it is a total must visit. There you will find real, authentic Icelandic food but made in a quick, cheap and super modern and casual manner. Everything from creative small bites to lamb, arctic char & unique desserts.


Well, this was my Iceland in August blog post.

​I hope from the bottom of my heart that you found this list helpful, learned something new or got inspired to make the most of your Iceland in August holiday. Furthermore, I do hope that once you get here, you will fall in love and enjoy your stay in Iceland as much as I enjoy living here.

Please get in touch in the comments if you liked the article or would like to ask me any questions. Also, you can share this with your friends to hopefully inspire them too to visit Iceland. Hope to see you soon!​