Best breakfast restaurants in Reykjavik | Our favorite local places

Best breakfast restaurants in Reykjavik | Our favorite local places

Breakfast in Reykjavik: Where are the best breakfast restaurants in Reykjavik? What to do in Reykjavik early in the mornings? What do Icelanders eat for breakfast and what are Icelandic breakfast foods? Lastly, where to get an early breakfast in Reykjavik and what are the best places to get coffee in the morning in Reykjavik?

I don’t know about you guys, but I need my breakfast to function! For those who are looking for the best restaurants or coffee shops to have breakfast in Reykjavik, read on and read forth! As of now, there are not too many restaurants in Reykjavik open really early but lucky for you, we have mixed together this list of all our most personal favourite restaurants for early breakfast or lunch in Reykjavik so you don’t have to wander around Reykjavik looking for food like a morning zombie, ha! Nothing really starts until coffee, right?

All these restaurants are unique local venues and all very different from another and are spread all over town. So, I hope there is something for everybody! I definitely recommend checking some of these breakfast places out on your stay in Iceland as all of them are great and most are very unique in their own way!

Last updated: 3rd. of May ’17.

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What you will find in our ultimate Reykjavik morning & breakfast blog:

  • A GREAT morning food tour recommendation!
  • My top 7 best local breakfast restaurants in Reykjavik
  • When do the restaurants open?
  • Description for each restaurant/coffee shop and link to their website
  • What to expect for breakfast in Iceland on each restaurant or shop


Text by: Apríl Harpa Smáradóttir & Egill Fannar.


The Reykjavik Food Walk
– Morning Tour! –



First things first, I feel like I just have to let all of you early birds know of this brand new tour. We are hosting for the first time ever in summer 2017 a special breakfast / morning version of our famous Reykjavik Food Tour! (reviews here).

The idea is to accommodate & help those who fly in early and can’t check into their hotel – Or simply everybody that want to wake up early and make the most out of the fun day ahead. And of course, this would turn the most quite time of the day into exploring and the day’s highlight! Exploring Reykjavik with a fun local guide, new friends and the best restaurants in the city – Sounds pretty good huh?

You can find all the information about our Reykjavik Food Tour here. Please note that to start with, we will only be hosting our morning food tour from April – September when it is bright in the mornings.

But let’s get to the awesome breakfast restaurant recommendations …




Café Vinyl:
Vegan-friendly breakfast


coffeehouse in Reykjavik

Café Vinyl has a raw looking but cool dining hall


This all vegan restaurant recently opened their door with a bomb and is definitely here to stay. Café Vinyl is a super hip coffee house/restaurant that has endless delicious options of vegetarian and vegan dishes, amazing funky music and cozy atmosphere like no other. Also, great Wifi, spacious tables and lovely staff. Don’t miss out this one! And especially don’t miss out on their sandwiches – Holy Jesus of christ!

Great breakfast place for those in for a late breakfast & of course an easy recommendation for every vegetarian & vegan travelers.

By night, Café Viny turns into a buzzing meeting point for all kinds of hipsters and artists and students from all corners of the world. I truly love hanging out here!

Street Adress: Hverfisgata 76.
Kaffi Vinyl on Google Maps
Kaffi Vinyl on Facebook
Kaffi Vinyl on Trip Advisor
Opening hours: 9AM-11PM

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Breakfast by the harbor


Coffeehouse in Reykjavik

Super cozy Kaffivagn!


This super cozy coffeehouse & local restaurant shed has been sitting by the old harbour since 1935. First, it used to be a truck which they converted to a food shed. I think most Reykjavik locals have some kind of a bittersweet memory of their parents taking them here at some point in earlier years. The atmosphere is filled with history and charisma, which truly leaves you wondering about how everything used to be before.  I highly recommend that you make your way to Kaffivagninn and soak up the old harbour spirit while feasting on their delicious (and not expensive) breakfast menu! They even have a nice little porch outside where you can enjoy the view on nice summer days.

And perfect for breakfast as they open early in the mornings!

The menu consists of everything from home made pastry, sandwiches, and cakes and to soups, meat and amazing seafood.

Street Address: Grandagarði 10
Kaffitár on Trip Advisor
Their Webpage
Kaffivagninn on Google Maps
Opening Hours: Weekdays 07:30-18:00 and Weekends 9:30-18:00

Bread & co:
Fresh and happy pastries for breakfast


colorful house in Reykjavik, Iceland

Brauð & Co is getting very well known for its interesting looks!

This trippy, colourful house is actually one of the most awesome places in Reykjavik to grab breakfast to go early in the morning. Their cinnamon rolls and licorice bread rolls are OUT OF THIS WORLD and have actually gained quite a good reputation in town since they opened their doors last summer! Brauð & co. are literally baking the whole time they are open, securing a fresh product at any giving minute! Brauð & co. is an amazing place and I can easily recommend a visit!

The only downside: They don’t have any great room for chairs & tables inside so you can usually not enjoy your eats inside. Last time I visited I noticed that they have added one tiny table close to the window. So, if you are lucky, there might be a seat for 1-2!

And here is a tiny secret for all the yogis reading this post: You can find a Yoga shala on the top floor!

PS. Across the street, you can find one of the very most trendy coffee shops in Reykjavik at the moment. It is called Reykjavik Roasters. It’s known for it’s super fresh coffee and a laid back hipster environment. You can read more about Reykjavik Roasters here. 

Street Adress: Frakkastígur 16, 101 Reykjavík
Google Maps Location
Their Webpage 
Sandholt on Trip Advisor
Opening Hours: From 7am-6pm

Reykjavik Roasters:
A delicious (hipstery) Coffee shop

Since 2008, Reykjavik Roasters has been keeping locals in Reykjavik awake – Serving us amazing coffee that is carefully selected, roasted and produced in house. The beautiful building is from 1928 and is located in a cosy residential neighborhood just above the main shopping street Laugavegur.

All the coffee served at Reykjavik roasters is produced and roasted in house and guests can observe and learn about the process while visiting.

Street Adress: Kárastígur 1, 101 Reykjavik
Google Maps Location
Their Webpage 
Reykjavik Roasters on Trip Advisor
Opening Hours: From 8am-6pm on weekdays. 9am-5pm on weekends.

Sandholt bakery:
Fancy bakery


man baking bread

Everything is freshly made every morning in Sandholt


A super fancy breakfast place to start your day! Sandholt makes great sandwiches, pastry, cakes and coffee!

Sandholt bakery is centrally located on Laugavegur and has a very cozy atmosphere. It has recently been renovated so everything so new and shiny!! They offer good varieties of chocolates and other sweets too for those that are into that kind of stuff in the morning.  Everything is made on fresh each morning on spot. Hungry yet?

PS. Fun fact: Sandholt is soon opening up a brand new hotel in the same building.

Street Adress: Laugavegur 36
Google Maps Location
Their Webpage
Sandholt on Trip Advisor
Opening Hours: From 7am-9pm

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Bergson Mathús:
Breakfast with a great location



A fantastic local restaurant for breakfast or lunch. Bergson Mathús serves authentic and healthy food which is, of course, perfect for breakfast! They also serve their version of a “brunch” with eggs, bacon, yoghurt etc.

Bergson have a fantastic sour dough bread and are super vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

They are easy to find as they are located right in between the Reykjavik Pond and the Iceland Parliament.

Street address:  Templarasund 3
Bergson Mathús on Trip Advisor
Their Webpage
Google Maps Location
Opening Hours: 7am-9pm

The Laundromat Café:
Large, trendy restaurant


Laundromat Cafe in Reykjavik

Laundromat Café is colorful, fun and very family friendly!


The Laundromat Café is a very family friendly and buzzing coffee shop and restaurant with big breakfasts on their menu. They are also famous for their brunch and for their unique counter made out of books!

PS. Yup! And they are a true laundromat! You can even wash your laundry in the basement here while eating your breakfast! Woah!

Street Adress: Austurstræti 9
Google Maps Location
Their Webpage
The Laundromat Café on Trip Advisor:
Opening Hours: 8pm-12am

Kaffitár: Good Coffee & Simple breakfast


Bakery in Reykjavik, Iceland

I love starting my morning in Kaffitár!


My little personal favorite. This is actually where I start almost all my mornings with a toast and tea. They have a vast variety of sour dough bread (Get it with sundried tomato cream cheese!!) sandwiches, pastries, croissants and excellent coffee as well.

Kaffitár is a part of a big and famous Icelandic coffee chain that prides itself for authentic and good tasting coffee. Excellent location as well but make sure to arrive early as this place gets quite busy.

Street Address: Bankastræti 8
Kaffitár on Trip Advisor
Their Webpage 
Kaffitár on Bankatræti on Google Maps
Opening Hours: 7:30-21:00

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