Is there anything better than a food court?

The options are seemingly endless! Even the pickiest eaters are bound to find something for lunch in a food court.

So, if you are traveling to Iceland with a picky eater, you might want to find a place like that, with many options available to you!​

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about them!

Egill Fannar
Egill Fannar
Last updated: March 18, 2020


From teenagers' favorite hangout spot in a mall to hipster paradise, food courts have had a colorful and even tumultuous history.

After all, it's not uncommon to see stores in a food court be replaced all the time.

However, food courts are still a favorite, not just of teenagers and hipsters, but of...well, pretty much everyone.

Corporate rivalry that leads to good deals? Check. ​

Multiple options? Check.

Carefree atmosphere? Check.

Food courts tick every box in my list.

food court in Reykjavik

​Now, food courts in Reykjavik are a completely different story. While food courts were thriving all over the world, Iceland seemed to be lagging behind; at least until recently

Food courts in Iceland are a relatively new phenomenon, as in the previous decades, locals rarely ate out due to the high prices. Nowadays, though, with the colossal tourism boom, as well as Iceland's newfound financial prosperity, people in Iceland seek new and interesting restaurants all the time.

​This has birthed three new places, Hlemmur mathöll, Höfði mathöll, and Grandi mathöll (in case you didn't realize yet, mathöll means food court in Icelandic).

This first part of our guide to the food courts in Iceland will take you to Hlemmur mathöll, my personal favorite! So, without further ado, let's see what Hlemmur has to offer!

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Ask ten Icelandic people what the best food in Iceland is and you will get ten different answers. Do keep in mind, though, that the people you will ask will have most likely been raised on a traditional diet of boiled vegetables and meat, so maybe don't listen to them; listen to me instead!

Naturally, some of the best food in Iceland can be found in the capital. Reykjavik is the mecca of international, as well as new and interesting fusion cuisines. And Hlemmur food court is perhaps the best place to visit to get a taste!​

What is Hlemmur?​

Hlemmur Square, Downtown Reykjavik

Not so long ago, Hlemmur food court was, in fact, Reykjavik's central bus station!

The building's past facade is virtually unrecognizable, as you can tell by the photo above.

Once Reykjavik's central bus station relocated, Hlemmur was left empty.

Therefore, the city decided to turn it into a food court, in what is perhaps the most genius move on the government's part in all of world history (at least for those of us who can't get enough of food).

With its convenient, central location, and its perfect size -not too big, but not too cramped either -Hlemmur is ​one of the best food courts in Iceland, if not the best.

So, let's see what restaurants make it the best place to visit!


Skál restaurant

Deeply ambitious, extraordinarily creative, mouthwatering food. There is no better way to describe Skál! (Cheers! in English).

The brainchild of two Icelandic chefs and entrepreneurs, Skál is an experimental bar and restaurant that specializes in traditional Icelandic recipes with foraged Icelandic ingredients.

Foraging is becoming increasingly popular within Iceland's restaurant circles, and Skál is perhaps the restaurant that does it best!​


Kröst restaurant

With one of the chefs behind it having earned his reputation and position in Grillmarkaðurinn (often considered Iceland's best stakehouse), Kröst is bound to impress you. French wines, cured meats, and grilled goodies take center stage on the menu of this restaurant. 

A little pricier than most food court establishments, Kröst is the perfect place to have a bit of a fancier dinner or go on a semi-casual date!​


Jæja restaurant

Looking for a quick lunch? Craving something healthy, that is not just a bunch of lettuce on a plate?

Visit Jæja!​

With their delicious, fresh, innovative salads, and their crispy sandwiches, Jæja is the perfect place to go to if you are short on time. They also have beer and schnapps on the menu to accompany your lunch!​

Rabbar Barinn​

Rabbar Barinn​ restaurant

With a focus on the freshest ingredients, Rabbar Barinn brings you locally-grown vegetables straight from the farms. 

Grab one of their hearty soups or one of their scrumptious sandwiches, and complement your meal with one of their delicious, fresh juices!​

Flatey Pizza​

Flatey Pizza​ restaurant

Fresh, simple ingredients and authentic Italian recipes. Flatey Pizza will transport you to Napoli with their thin crusts and buffalo mozzarella!

All the while, their pizzas will keep you -relatively - healthy, as the restaurant is very health-conscious and uses nothing but the simplest, purest ingredients!​

Brauð & Co​

Brauð & Co​ bakary

An artisan bakery, Brauð & Co is renowned in Iceland for its organic sourdough bread and its cinnamon buns (or snúðir in Icelandic). 

While you are ordering your treat, you can watch the bakers at work, ask them about the process and the ingredients, or even make some small talk! Icelandic people love to talk about the weather!​


Jómfrúin restaurant

The best part about Jómfrúin is not trying to pronounce its name. It is, in fact, their open-faced sandwiches!

Jómfrúin's specialty and only offer on the menu is smørrebrød (Danish open-faced sandwiches). Their traditional recipes are combined with new, local ingredients for a delectable little marriage of Icelandic and Danish cuisine.

Te & Kaffi

You have probably seen a few of Te & Kaffi's stores around Reykjavik (or you will if you have not traveled to Reykjavik yet). Te & Kaffi is a popular coffee shop chain in Iceland, with fair trade coffee and several sweet and savory goodies!

This particular one gets its coffee from a roaster just a few blocks away, making it super fresh!​


I definitely recommend Hlemmur food court, especially if you are staying in a hotel or AirBnB downtown. ​You can't beat its location and accessibility!

I would suggest, though, that you try the restaurants (as well as any restaurant in Iceland) during lunch, as they have lunch offers! Iceland can be very expensive, and eating at restaurants is one of the biggest costs for tourists. So, it's always a good idea to chase the offers!​


What did you think about my guide on Hlemmur food court? Have you tried any of the restaurants? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments!

And, as always, don't forget to share with fellow foodie travelers!​