Iceland in September: Weather, Things to do & What to Expect

September visit Iceland

Iceland in September: Weather, Things to do & What to Expect

When visiting Iceland in September, what are the top things to do? How is the weather in September? Can you see the Northern Lights? And are there any special local events?

September might just be the best month to visit Iceland. Here is why: The weather is still very enjoyable. Secondly, September is off-season, which means traveller numbers begin to dwindle and prices for accommodation, tours, and flights drop. And lastly, the days become just dark enough for the magical Northern Lights to appear every so often and for the first 10 days they have already blessed us with their presence night after night!

Have I convinced you to pack your bags yet, come September?
Here’s a quick overview of why September is a great month to visit Iceland:

Looking for the things to do? Here is our handpicked selection of day tours from Reykjavik in September!

Weather in Iceland in september

If you’re afraid of a bit of bad weather, don’t be!

The unpredictability is part of the charm that makes an adventure in Iceland so appealing. However, September daytime averages 10-12 °C (50-55°F). And that’s not so bad! It’s also the month where sunlight begins to decrease in the day and nights are dark again. Depending on your activities, most are done rain or shine (think glacier hikes, snorkelling, and a Golden Circle tour). But if the weather is keeping you down, don’t stay in! Rather, come hang out with us on our fun and social bar crawl and beer tour for a night to remember.​

The best thing about the weather in September is that you can usually experience the best of both seasons! You can have warm, still & beautiful summer days - But you can also experience cold, dark nights where the magical Aurora borealis dance in the skies! 

What Should I Pack for Iceland in september?

It’s so important to pack layers for your trip to Iceland, and that’s especially true for shoulder season when the weather can vary.

Waterproof everything from outer shell, shoes, and even pants are a great idea if you’re planning on travelling around the countryside, on the beaches, and in the city. Hats, scarves, and gloves are also necessary. No one likes to walk around with wet feet or hair, right?

Stay dry and stay warm!

Pro tip: When Icelanders go out they like to dress up & look their best. If you plan to experience the legendary Reykjavik nightlife or enjoy nice restaurants, keep that in mind :) 

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Can you see the Northern Lights in September?


The Aurora Borealis is certainly an indescribable & magical experience. And although they are active year-round, it’s necessary to have dark and clear skies- not to mention solar activity - to actually see them. And since days are getting darker in September, that’s why September is an optimal month to witness them!

But as much as they are beautiful, please keep in mind that the Northern Lights are a completely natural phenomenal and can never be guaranteed. And to be more precise, I would actually encourage everyone to NOT plan their trip around seeing the Northern Lights,  but rather consider yourself lucky if they will be out!

To maximize your chances, check out this awesome Super Jeep Northern Lights tour. 

Natural Hot Springs & Swimming pools in Iceland

There is nothing more rewarding than ending a long travel day with a nice, warm bath at a local swimming pool or natural hot spring. It’s even better when it’s chilly with a slight drizzle.​

If you are interested in learning more about our natural hot springs, read our HOT spring blog here. 

More ideas for things to do in September!

 See a spectacular view of Reykjavík from the top of Hallgrímskirkja church

 Sample traditional foods on the Reykjavík Food Walk

 Learn how it was like to live as a Viking in Iceland at any of the great museums in Reykjavik

 Hike to the top of Mt. Esja​ (only 20min. drive from city centre).

​ Discover Night of Lights in Reykjanes (August 30-September 3).

 Party at the Icelandic Oktoberfest HSÍ at Haskólí Íslands / Uni. of Iceland (September 7-9).

 And don't forget, it's also berry picking season! Wild blue berries, crow berries and red currants can be found almost everywhere! 

Unique Events in September


If you want an unique and authentic experience in Iceland, the annual sheep round-up is one of the main September events and takes place all over the country.

In a nutshell, all Icelandic sheep are let loose during summer and roam around free as they head out for their own adventure! But as the sun fades and the cold nears, farmers must collect their sheep from the mountains and place them inside for the long, winter months. Réttir is a highly anticipated occasion where families reunite for a fun weekend, gathering their sheep and- ahem- eating lamb stew and roasted lamb leg.

Kind of a strange way to celebrate, but it’s delicious anyhow!

Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF)

For those of you film buffs planning to visit Reykjavík in late September, you’re in luck! This film festival features highlights innovation, cultural dialogue, and up-and-coming filmmakers. Although RIFF is focused on films, the city also comes alive with photo exhibitions and live concerts, making this a crazy good festival for everyone.

To Sum September Up For you ...

Iceland is a wonderful country to experience, so why not in September! Come see Iceland in one of the best months it has to offer. The weather is decent, prices are more affordable than just a week ago, and the Northern Lights are a show of delight.​

THANKS for the read and we can't wait to see you soon in Reykjavik!

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When visiting Iceland in September, what are the top things to do? How is the weather in September? Can you see the Northern Lights? And are there any special local events?


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