Where should I go for cocktails in Reykjavik? Where can I find good cocktails in Reykjavik?What is the dress code for bars in Reykjavik?

The cocktail scene in Reykjavik is buzzing!

You would be super surprised on how many cocktail lounges there are around Reykjavik which is funny because cocktails have only recently become a big thing here.

Yes, it’s a small city but oh man- if you are keen for something funky, fresh and yummy then Reykjavik is the ultimate city for you!

Here below you'll find my favorite cocktail lounges in downtown Reykjavik.

Egill Fannar
Egill Fannar
Last updated: September 11, 2019


First, we would love to mention Apotekið because it’s definitely one of our most favorite cocktail bars in Reykjavik! Their cocktail menu has a huge variety of all kinds of super creative mixes with literally all kinds of flavors! The theme here is quite unique because they set up their menu as if you were at the pharmacy, getting your medicine in cocktail glasses! Hence the name “Apotek”. How a fun way to present drinks!

And it doesn’t hurt how their dinner menu is absolutely amazing as well!

Street Adress: Austurstræti 16, Reykjavik
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Opening hours: 11:30AM- 11:00PM
Happy hours: 4PM-6PM
Dress code: Casual or fancy

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JUNGLE is a super hip, interesting and fun place to start your night off with a great tasting cocktail! A former sewing factory has now been turned into this fine class meeting location for all kinds of cocktail lovers!

Sit by their interesting 360° bar and watch your bartender magically mix your favorite drink right in front of you! The bartenders are known for cool flaring skills and awesome interest in what they do!

We are absolutely thrilled to be working closely with the guys at Jungle, but this is where all of our groups meet on our super awesome Reykjavik Bar Crawl. 

We are super cocktail enthusiasts so starting our fun night out here has been a fantastic option! At our bar crawl, you get to know the very best of the Reykjavik nightlife and yes, cocktails are included!

Street Adress: Austurstræti 9, Reykjavik
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Opening hours: 2PM-11PM on Weekdays and from 4PM-aAM on Weekends.
Happy Hours: 4PM-8PM
Dresscode: Fancy or smart

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All of the bartenders that are currently part of the Wake Up Reykjavik team have some kind of experience working behind Sushi Social bars! Oh, what a PLACE! Soak yourself into the tropical vibes of S-America with a Japanese twist while sipping one of many award-winning cocktails that are offered here at Sushi Social!

Street Adress: Þingholtstræti 15, Reykjavik
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Opening hours: 5pm-11pm from Sundays – Thursdays. 5PM-11:30 on Fridays and Saturdays.
Don’t miss out on: Tropical Wednesdays! All cocktails for 1790 ISK!
Dresscode: Casual to smart

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If you are looking for some excellent SERVICE then give Slippbarinn a visit! Located in Marina Hotel, Slippbarinn is sometimes said to be one of the best cocktail bars in Reykjavik! Locals love hanging around here as the location is great (by the old harbor) and their bartenders are super knowledgeable and friendly. Slippbarinn is known for fun happy hours and it’s also worth mentioning that they only use fresh ingredients in their cocktail making! Nice!

Street Adress: Mýrargata 2, Reykjavik
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Opening hours: Sun-Wed at 11:30 AM- 00:00 and Thur-Sat at 11.30AM-1 AM
Happy Hours: 3PM-6PM
Dresscode: Casual

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Mar bar is a new-ish bar that truly arrived with a boom! Marbar is also located by harbor and has a very cool decor, but the whole space is inspired by the graceful animal that is the jellyfish. For those who aren’t much for the cocktails but would still love to hang here, then you should be happy to hear that they also have superb variety of all kinds of Icelandic beer crafts! So, MarBar is a great place to visit both if you are into cocktails or not!

Street Adress: Geirsgata 9, Reykjavik
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Marbar on Trip Advisor
Opening hours: 11AM-11PM
Dress code: Casual

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As you can clearly notice: there are heaps of places to choose from! Each and every location has its own unique touch to it both when it comes to the bar itself and to the drinks.

We truly hope that you liked our suggestions but if you would like to know more about great spots in Reykjavik, please don’t hesitate to pop us a line! But apart from that, we hope we will see your face on our awesome Reykjavik Bar Crawl!