If you're looking for awesome natural hot springs in Iceland, you're at the right place.

Iceland is filled with incredible natural hot springs and geothermal areas to bath in.

Now you might be asking yourself:

What are the best / must-visit natural hot springs?

And how on earth can I find them?

Well, I'm happy to tell you that you've found my super secret list of "Iceland's best natural hot springs" - and super simple directions to find them!

Let's dive in! (get it?)

Egill Fannar
Egill Fannar
Last updated: July 12, 2022


secret lagoon


If you have limited time and want to make the absolute most of your time in Iceland. Then I cannot recommend this Golden Circle + Natural Hot spring tour highly enough!

If you had only 1 day in Iceland, you should do this.

This tour combines the best of Icelandic scenery- and sightseeing spots (powerful waterfalls, erupting Geysir geothermal area and Þingvellir national park) with a fun visit to the beautiful Secret Lagoon natural hot spring.

Personal highlights & why I recommend this to all my friends:

- Visit the most breathtaking scenery spots in Iceland

- Visits the magical Secret Lagoon natural hot spring

- A lot less touristy and crowded then the Blue Lagoon

- Pickup and drop off included from down town Reykjavik

- Super budget friendly (similar price as standard golden circle tours)

- Time efficient (let’s you experience brilliant sightseeing & hot spring all in one awesome day)

Check out our Golden Circle + Secret Lagoon tour here.


Natural Hot Springs can be found all-around Iceland. And there are hundreds of them!

However, West- & South West Iceland are very active with geothermal heat and that is where you will find the most natural hot springs.

North Iceland has a few amazing hot springs and the same goes for the Eastern highlands.

But Iceland’s East coast does not have hot water in the ground, resulting in no hot springs in that area.

Judging from the number of natural hot springs in each area, Southern Iceland and the Westfjords are by far the best areas to find Natural Hot Springs in Iceland. But anywhere you go in Iceland, wether it be West or East, you will also find plenty of man made geothermal swimming pools with jacuzzis and saunas.

The temperature of Natural Hot Springs in Iceland varies from every pool. In my personal experience, most are perfect for bathing all year round or from 38-40°C.


Alright, let’s get right to that list!

Here are some of our best recommended hot springs in Iceland:

Hvammsvík Hot Spring (new!)

blog image

Hvammsvík hot spring is a hidden gem located in the picturesque Hvalfjörður region of Iceland. With its crystal-clear, warm water and breathtaking scenery, this natural hot spring offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience for visitors.

Hvammsvík hot spring includes a stunning view of the fjord and surrounding mountains. The water is warm and inviting, making it the perfect spot to relax and soak in the peaceful Icelandic landscape.

Overall, Hvammsvík hot spring is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Iceland. Its natural beauty and unique location make it a truly unforgettable experience.

For more info and tickets, visit their website here.


blog image

Sky Lagoon is one of the newest additions to the hot springs / lagoons that can be found here in Iceland.

It's truly stunning visually but also incredibly relaxing and unique.

The team at Wake Up Reykjavik recently took the day of from hosting our tours to enjoy a relaxing day in the cosy lagoon.

We took part in their 7-step ritual therapy which includes a variety cooling, warming, exfoliating, and rejuvenating steps. It truly was an experience from start to finish.

A big plus with the Sky Lagoon is it's location. It's located only 10-15 minutes driving from the central Reykjavik area. Super easy to get their by car or taxi.

We couldn't think of a better first day in Reykjavik then to explore Reykjavik and fill up on delicious local food in our Reykjavik Food Walk tour. Followed by a relaxing dip in the Sky Lagoon.

For more info and tickets to the Sky Lagoon, visit their website here.



Reykjadalur, which translates simply to ‘Steam Valley’, is truly a hidden gem. This one is SO EPIC because you actually have to do around 30-60 minutes of awesome hiking to access the springs. The hike itself is stunning with incredible scenery. We highly recommend that you start from Hveragerði and walk from there- the paths are marked so we highly doubt that you will get lost!

Driving duration from Reykjavik: 30 minutes (plus 30-60 minute beautiful hike!)

Directions: Drive to Hveragerði and follow the signs to “Reykjadalur”. You will have to drive through the town and up towards the hills. Park your car and start hiking for approx 30 minutes to reach the beautiful baths! …You can also just follow this Google Maps Link!

Tips: Don’t be shy to ask around! – And bring a daypack, you’re going to want to spend some time exploring this place. Also, bring your towel+swimsuit and mind your step around the pools as some areas can be hotter than others. The further you walk up, the warmer the pool gets!

Entrance fee: Free



This little cutie is super nice as a place to enjoy a warm foot bath with an ice cream. If you are kinda stuck in Reykjavik or not in a mood to do a long, full day hot spring mission but still wanna do something awesome, visit this one!

It’s small. This one is more of a simple geothermal foot-bath than a pool. Still, – stunning views of Mount Esja and sometimes you can even see the Snæfellsjökull glacier from far away in the West! You can find this super duper cosy hotpot on the coastline in Seltjarnarnes. You can either drive or walk from down town Reykjavik.

Tips: TIMING IS EVERYTHING! My favorite time to visit Grótta is around sunset and of course when Northern Light activity is high. It’s, in my opinion, the best spot in Reykjavik to catch a glimpse of the mystical Northern lights!

Entrance Fee: Free

Directions: This cosy little tub is located in Reykjavik city right here. It’s a short 5-7 minute drive or 45 minutes walking from the city centre.

Don’t Miss Our most recommended Natural Hot Spring / Golden Circle combo tour in Iceland!


gamla laugin lagoon

The name is Gamla Laugin and it is just perfect!

The name translates to simply: “The Old Swimming pool”. Gamla Laugin is also known as “The Secret Lagoon” and sits next to a large flowing river and even small little geysers!

Driving duration from Reykjavik: 1.5 hours

Directions: Make your way out of Reykjavik and head East to a town called Flúðir in Southern Iceland. It’s very spacious and they have made very nice facilities around it too – You’ll love it! Also, here is the exact Google Maps link to make it easier to find!

Fun fact: People first started to swim in this one in 1891! Then, from 1937, it got forgotten for over 60 years until the Secret broke out around 2006.

Tips: While you’re there and hungry, and if you’re in a mood for something very different, try out this Ethiopian Restaurant out. Such a random nice place in this rural town! Also, very close is the famous & incredibly beautiful Friðheimar geothermal green house tomato farm / restaurant. Definitely worth your visit. It is amazing!

Entrance Fee: 2800 ISK

You can also check out our brilliant Hot Spring tour, that visits all the incredible highlight sightseeing spots of Iceland along with a super cozy dip in this Secret Lagoon!



One of the most beautiful natural hot springs in South Iceland is without any doubt this gem right here, Hrunalaug close to the small town of Flúðir.

Located on a small farmers land lies this small pool with a perfect temperature year round. Note that the pools are actually two -although they are right next to each other. It’s the larger pool that can easily fit 6-8 people and then there is a small old cabin where you can change and from there lies this tiny pool (that Egill, the founder of Wake Up Reykjavik is bathing in on the image above!).

PLEASE NOTE: With such a beautiful natural gem – you can only imagine that lots of fun travellers want to visit & enjoy. Please help us to protect our beautiful land by being careful and honour the environment. Not leave any trash behind. And please, leave a small donation (1000 or 2000 ISK) in their donation box. This fee will go directly to the farmer and only spent to clean and maintain the pool and it’s surroundings.


Ask around for Hrunalaug, which sits right on the outskirts of Flúðir. It’s fairly hidden but definitely worth checking out!

Pssst … here is the Google maps link to find it!

HRUNALAUG hot spring

Bringing some beverages is a good idea to cool down. Just remember to take your trash with you!


blue lagoon

Oh, did you think we wouldn’t include the most visted and largest hot spring in Iceland?

The Blue Lagoon doesn’t need much introduction. It is one of the 25 wonders of the world and it is the main reason for many travellers to visit Iceland.

From a personal standpoint, I highly recommend you to visit. It is a must while visiting Iceland. The natural lava surroundings are magical and a dip into the Blue Lagoon is truly like nothing else.

However, some people today claim that it is both touristy and expensive and personally.

But it is only expensive because it is so incredibly popular and it is touristy since everyone does of course want to experience the Blue Lagoon for themselves.

The Blue Lagoon is like the Colosseum for Rome or the Pyramids for Egypt.

It’s a must do while in Iceland!



Many people want to think this is actually the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. But the thing is, this is actually the oldest man-made swimming pool in Iceland. The pool itself is man made but the geothermal water flows naturally. Alright? Now you know!

This one is super fun as it’s also quite hidden from the main road. It takes a little beautiful hike to reach and also has a small”changing room” as seen on the image above. A nice little river flows next to it and there are so beautiful hikes all around this area!

Good to know: Seljavallalaug has for some reason been getting a bit colder throughout the years and is not as warm as it used to be. Last time I visited it was awesome but one half of the pool was a little chilly.

Tip: Do you dare to get in the cold glacier river next to it?

Driving Distance from Reykjavik: approx. 2 hours!

Directions: Make your way over to this spot with a car via route/road one – and from there, enjoy the short hike to Seljavallalaug.




Mývatn Nature baths is a super incredible & cozy geothermal hot spring, located in the far North of Iceland. One of my favourite things about Lake Mývatn is its incredible landscape scenery that surrounds it. The water has a perfect temperature of about 36 – 40°C and contains a lot of minerals!

Mývatn Nature Baths are a true treasure, just like it’s big brother, the Blue Lagoon. Only difference is that it’s not as crowded and costs 50% less.

Driving Distance from Reykjavik: Approx. 6 hours!

Directions: This beauty is located in the north of Iceland, making it a perfect hot spring to check out for those that are visiting our ‘capital of the north’, Akureyri city. Or for those driving the full circle/ring road of Iceland. You and their exact location right here!

Entrance fee: Their standard price is 3800 ISK



Looks familiar?

This incredible piece of untouched natural beauty has been an Icelandic secret for centuries. But recently it was made world famous by Jon Snow and company in multiple episodes of Game and Thrones that are shot all around Iceland.

Grjótagjá is a small but untouched lava cave just a few kilometers from Lake Mývatn and the Mývatn nature baths mentioned above. Inside the cave you will find a beautiful natural hot spring.

The cave is well known as a bathing spot in the Icelandic sagas. But unfortunately, bathing in Grjótagjá is forbidden today and people have not been enjoying Grjótagjá as a bathing place since the 1970’s.

The reason is an earthquake in the area that resulted in a big spike in water temperature (around 50°C) and stones occasionally falling from the ceiling of the cave!

Grjótagjá is still an absolute gem to witness even though you won’t dip in. And I highly recommend you to check it out. However, just promise me that you’ll be careful :)


I really hope from the bottom of my heart that this blog post has inspired you to see the best of my country. Happy hot spring exploring :)

Share it with your traveler friends if you enjoyed it! And please feel free to drop me a comment below – specially if you’ve been to any of these hot springs to tell me about your experience or there is anything at all that I can help YOU with!